Doctor Call Times

On Monday afternoons, Dr. Ron Hunninghake, MD, Chief Medical Officer, hosts a 30-minute conference call for potential patients to answer general questions about the clinic and explain the approaches of nutritional medicine (also referred to as holistic, alternative, integrative, etc.), their backgrounds, and areas of expertise.

Please note that we cannot give specific medical advice through Doctor Call Times.

These calls are intended to help you learn more about the clinic and how we can address your health goals. However, until you have been seen as a patient in person, doctors and staff are not permitted to give medical advice of any kind, what vitamin to take, or in what doses. They can, however, explain our general approach to treating a specific condition or concern. To find out more about becoming a patient, please click HERE.

How to Participate

Use the number below to access the call using the provided meeting ID when prompted for the password.

  • Phone call: Dial 1-646-558-8656* and enter meeting ID: 979 119 910

If you prefer to join the call through your computer, use the link and password below. Not all of the doctors log in through the online portal, but if they do, they can share their screen with the group and show any supplemental charts or graphics that might aid in the conversation. If they join the call via telephone, anyone logged in can still participate using audio-only. To participate through a computer, you will need to have a functioning microphone and speaker.

  • Video/Online: Login by clicking HERE and use password: 2571701

This is an open conference call that may have other potential patients listening in and participating as well. Although, you may remain anonymous if you wish to do so. Please be aware that whatever information you choose to share will be heard by all conference participants.

Weekly Schedule:

Mondays 4:30 PM CST Ron Hunninghake, MD Chief Medical Officer
Tuesdays TBD
Wednesdays TBD


Call times may be adjusted or canceled due to doctor availability or emergencies. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any announcements regarding a change in our regular Doctor Call Time schedule or a last-minute closure of the clinic due to weather, etc.

*Limited International Call-In Numbers are available through Zoom.