Prescription Policy

Although we believe in using nutrition and supplementation first, our providers are knowledgeable in prescription medications as well and utilize them when necessary.

When a co-learner’s specific health needs require a prescription, they may be written for up to a six month supply with no additional refills. Our providers feel that it is best practice to require an appointment every six months to ensure that any medications they may be prescribing reflect the current health of their patients. Depending on the medication that is prescribed there may be lab work required to monitor for safety and efficacy. This may include Thyroid, Hormone, Liver and Kidney function tests etc.

For prescription refills please call your pharmacy and request a refill directly with them. Your pharmacy will then submit a request directly to Riordan Clinic. If you have questions regarding your refill request please call one of our Nurses at 316.682.3100 ext 324. Please allow at least 2 business days for your refill request to be filled.

Medical Records Fax: 316-618-8537