Our Lab

Dedicated to discovering nutrition-based solutions for better health.

The Bio-Center Laboratory was established in 1975 and is housed on the Riordan Clinic campus. Our lab is dedicated to providing accurate clinical analysis focusing on nutritional levels. Our specialties include testing for pyrroles and analysis of red blood cell fatty acids and minerals, along with many vitamins.

We have done exhaustive research to determine which test methodologies and specimen types will yield the most clinically significant results. We have been performing and innovating many of our specialty tests for more than 45 years. Our pyrroles tests are still one of the most requested reference tests we perform. In fact, we are proud to be the laboratory that many other labs choose to do their pyrroles testing.

The function of our laboratory is two-fold: to provide in-house patients who come for treatment with accurate state-of-the-art laboratory analysis and to provide diagnostic services for physicians and hospitals throughout the country. In both cases, we provide doctors with relevant biochemical impairment information to increase diagnostic accuracy.

“All nutrients are critical for good health. As a physician who is most interested in
discovering the root causes of disease, nutrient testing is an invaluable tool. Nutritional
deficiencies or imbalances are usually multifactorial and can also manifest in different
ways for different individuals. Symptoms don’t always correlate with the specific nutrient
lacking, and so this is why I prefer to ‘test don’t guess’.

Nutrient testing is also a great way to get your patients to buy into diet changes and justify
the cost of quality dietary supplements. This leads to greater compliance and faster results.
I am constantly getting positive feedback from my patients regarding the light bulbs that go
off when they see the connection between their nutritional status and their health. It’s really
eye-opening and empowering for them.

While there are a number of good nutrient testing labs available, the types of assays, and
sampling matter. Serum testing is ideal for some nutrients whereas RBC testing has been
shown to be clinically more significant with others. This is one of the main reasons I prefer
a mixed approach, such as the one used by our Bio-Center Lab. You don’t have to worry
whether you have the best test for a specific nutrient as they use both serum and RBC testing.”

– Lucas Tims, ND, FABNO



Who Needs Lab Testing?

Every person is biochemically unique. We all have different nutritional needs based on our hereditary factors, environmental factors, diet, lifestyle choices, and even phases of life. (As an example, a menopausal woman has different needs than a pregnant woman.) To find out what your individual needs are, getting your nutrient levels tested is critical.

Why Choose the Bio-Center Laboratory?

Quality Assurance

Samples are processed at our on-site lab, which offers a high degree of quality. Many physicians feel that our choice of sample and methodology has provided them with more accurate results from more stable samples.

Faster Turnaround

Because it is located right on the Riordan Clinic campus, samples are processed, and results are returned expediently.


We are a CLIA-certified reference laboratory. External certifications provide for exceptional reporting accuracy. On our last inspection, we received zero deficiencies, only 5% of the inspected laboratories can make that claim. In order to ensure we meet the highest standards and provide quality, reliable test results, we have had continuous certification from state and federal agencies since 1976.

Unique Tests

Our lab performs innovative nutritional and biometric testing on blood and urine that other laboratories do not offer or specialize in. We are known for being national leaders in the measurement of urine pyrroles and plasma vitamin C. This wide array of specialty testing offers doctors a clear and quantifiable insight into helping identify the root causes of disease based specifically on an individual’s unique biochemical makeup.


We get orders from all over the world, and we ship kits out on a regular basis. Our lab personnel has more than 100 years of combined laboratory experience, including lab techs with 10+ years of experience in the field, some with more than 40 years. We also have an MD on staff to consult with patients or other physicians.

Sample Test Results

Download and view a PDF sample of what you will see when test results come back. They include a colorful gradient spectrum, which is very easy to read.

Our Certifications


Licensure | Certification

        • CLIA certified (Federal certification) License Number: 17D0648333
        • Medicare: 008052
        • Federal ID: 48-0840415

Proficiency Testing

        • College of American Pathologists: Trace Metals
        • American Association of BioAnalysts: Hematology, Urinalysis, Chemistry, Special Chemistries surveys.
        • Centre de Toxicologie du Quebec: Mineral surveys.

Our highly skilled and experienced staff use up-to-date technologies to provide diagnostic services for physicians and hospitals throughout the United States as well as internationally.

Contact Bio-Center Laboratory:

  • Call: 316-684-7784
  • Fax: 316-682-2062
  • Email: information@biocenterlab.org