Diagnostic Lab Tests

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We have more than 100 Riordan Diagnostic Lab Tests, profiles and panels to meet your specific testing needs.


  • Vitamin Tests

    The word vitamin was derived from the word vital. Thus, vitamin tests are essential (vital) for proper growth, maintenance of health and prevention of disease. Vitamins must be obtained from food or supplements, since with only minor exceptions they cannot be produced internally by our bodies. Vitamins are categorized as water soluble (B-complex and C), or fat soluble (D,E,K,A). All of the water and fat soluble vitamins are measured at Bio-Center Laboratory.

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  • Pyrroles

    A urine test for diagnosis and monitoring severe physiological or psychological stress. Pyrroles appear in the urine of patients undergoing severe physiological or psychological stress. The presence of urinary pyrroles (mauve factor) was first reported in patients with LSD psychosis. Later, high levels of pyrroles were found in the urine of schizophrenic patients. The chemical structure is a 2,4 dimethyl-3-ethylpyrrole. It is also called kryptopyrrole. Kryptos comes from the Greek word "hidden."

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  • Mineral Tests

    There are 98 naturally occurring basic elements, called minerals. Seventeen of these elements have been found to be essential in human nutrition, and most of these can be and are measured at Bio-Center Laboratory. The functions of minerals and vitamins are interrelated. However, too much of anything can be toxic, including essential minerals. However, there are at least six elements which are non-essential and toxic in micro- concentrations, including aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, fluoride, lead and mercury. These too can be measured at Bio-Center Laboratory with Mineral Tests.

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  • Hormone Tests

    Hormones, manufactured by our endocrine glands and known as messengers, carry signals via the bloodstream to every cell in our bodies. The endocrine glands include pineal, hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas, adrenal, ovaries and testes. Hormone production is controlled by feedback mechanisms which operate much like the the thermostat in your home; signals of deficiency cause the gland to increase production, while high levels of hormone cause the gland to decrease production The defining characteristic of hormones is that they enter the blood stream directly from the site of production, and hence the hormone glands are often referred to as "ductless glands". Hormone tests are sometimes ordered in test panels, such as thyroid panel, diabetes panel, etc.

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  • Histamine Test

    Histamine is a reactive amine. Most histamine is found in platelets, tissue mast cells and basophils. Basophils are probably the source of most blood histamine. Histamine is a major neurotransmitter in the brain, especially in the hippocampus and throughout the autonomic nervous system. The measurement of blood histamine is important in studies of psychiatric, rheumatic, allergic and neurologic disorders. High blood histamine levels (histadelia) have been found in 20% of schizophrenics and other psychiatric disorders such as depression, "blank mind," obsessive-compulsive disorders and phobias. Low histamine levels (histapenia) is found in about 50% of schizophrenics and results in hyperactivity, mania, paranoia, hallucinations and "abnormal ideas."

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  • Parasitology Tests

    Detection of parasites is often an overlooked source of vital diagnostic information. Our Bio-Center Laboratory employs a Medical Technologist who conducts Parasitology Tests. Common parasites, such as pinworms are identified, along with more esoteric parasites which patients may have acquired in foreign travels.

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  • Food Sensitivity Tests

    Rarely is a patient tested for food sensitivities who does not have several positive results. Symptoms caused by food sensitivities may affect any part of the body. Headache, arthritis, muscle pain, heart irregularities, indigestion, diarrhea and asthma are among the more common symptoms. The food sensitivity tests preferred by Bio-Center Laboratory, the Cytotoxic Food Sensitivity Test, requires microscopic observation of living blood cells, by an experienced technologist; Up to five distinctive changes may be observed. While individual foods and chemicals may be ordered, the recommended panel includes 90 foods and food related chemicals.

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  • Test Profiles

    Lab profiles are a group of tests that relate to a specific topic such as thyroid, food sensitivities or toxicity. Bio-Center Laboratory's profiles provide a concentrated look at the nutrient levels pertaining to each of these topics.

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  • Nutrient Profiles

    Bio-Center Laboratory offers a variety of panels that will provide an overall look at nutrient levels pertaining to a broad topic such as breast health or inflammation. Panels are offered to both local customers, as well as being available via FedEx nationwide, in all states except New York. Panels include, but are not limited to, Anti-Oxidant, Pre-Diabetic, Prostate, Energy, Breast, Eye, Bone, Heart, Inflammation, Skin, Brain, Nutritional, and the Mega-Comprehensive which includes more than 70 blood based tests.

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