Nutrient Injections

Address a wide variety of symptoms with Nutrient Injections

The optimal way to get vitamins and minerals in your diet is by eating a wide range of fruit and vegetables. If you still experience symptoms such as fatigue, muscle pain, memory fog and low energy, nutrient injections may be beneficial to you.

The Riordan Clinic Nutrient injections are focused on a full complement of B vitamins (B6, B12 and B complex) and magnesium. Increased levels of these vitamins have been shown to address a wide variety of symptoms.

The injection takes only minutes to administer by a highly skilled Riordan Clinic nurse. Generally, a patient is prescribed a series of nutrient injections based on their specific needs.


Benefits of Nutrient Injections

  • Better absorption than oral supplements
  • Achieve optimal nutrient levels quickly
  • More energy
  • Relief of muscle pain


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