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We’re dedicated to discovering nutrition-based solutions for better health.

The main goals of our research team are to examine the importance of nutrition in determining health and to develop nutrition-based therapies that resolve pathologies without harming normal tissue. Cutting-edge research, supported by the Riordan Clinic’s Bio-Center Laboratory, continues to focus on the areas of cancer, intravenous vitamin C therapy, vitamin and nutrition deficiencies.

The Riordan Clinic Research team has studied natural biological response modifiers, including vitamins and immune stimulators in relation to the body’s response to pathology and stress. Our work in nutrition led us to a theory that cancer develops as a response to wound/ stress and that nutrition can facilitate healing.
We made contributions and demonstrated the potential of using high dose intravenous vitamin C to improve immune cell functioning, suppress inflammation in patients with cancer and other degenerative diseases and suppress angiogenesis; discovered plant extracts that inhibit growth of tumors; demonstrated the fundamental importance of nutrition in supporting immune cells and improving overall health.

Our Riordan Clinic Research team worked on the development of new adult stem cells line for the use in research and therapy. We received the BioMed Central Research “Article of the Year Award in Medicine” for the discovery of a new type of stem cells – endometrial regenerative cells. This cell line was used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, critical limb ischemia and muscular dystrophy.

Another of our interests includes development of new chelation methods to treat lead and mercury toxicity and mediation of toxic metals in the body by nutritional supplementation.

Over the course of 39 years, our research has been awarded 13 patents. More than 130 articles have been published. Research results are presented to the public and the scientific community through peer-reviewed journals, lectures, the Riordan Clinic’s newsletter and presentations. As a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, the Riordan Clinic Research Institute is funded by private donations from individuals, corporations and foundations.

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