Patient Stories

Our goal: for patients to reclaim their lives and feel their absolute best.

The following stories were all submitted by real patients (who we fondly call “co-learners”) about their experience at the Riordan Clinic. As you read through the comments you will see that many of their journeys often include a variety of “chapters” and that the culmination of these paints the full picture of what we’ve come to know as REAL HEALTH. Sometimes the Riordan Clinic is the integral piece that has been the turning point for them, other times we are just one part of a much larger puzzle. This type of medicine is not passive. It requires the person to take an active role by changing their approach to health, their lifestyle, their daily nutrition, and even their way of thinking. Whatever role the Riordan Clinic may play in your journey – we hope that you find hope and healing through your time here.

Patient Story Videos

My spirit is young…but my body wouldn’t cooperate!


Follow the journey of Krista as she describes her life before and her life after seeking and receiving treatment and nutritional guidance at the Riordan Clinic to help fight the effects of fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

It Hurts in my Joints!

Robert A.

Follow the journey of a Riordan Clinic arthritis patient whose quality of life has been improved for the last 23 years based on the treatment he received here. Share in his inspiring story of health, hope and healing.

It’s hard to breathe!


Follow the journey of a Riordan Clinic patient with severe asthma as she shares her story about how our Infraspinatus Respiratory Reflex Injection therapy has changed her life. Visit the link below to learn more about our Infraspinatus Respiratory Reflex Injection therapy.

Something isn’t right!


Follow the journey of Nina and her parents as they work with the Riordan Clinic to overcome Nina’s issues. Share in their inspirational story. Visit the link below to read more about Food Sensitivity as a Riordan Clinic therapy.

Featured Patient Stories

Food is my Medicine: Rx- Real, Whole Foods

Jackie C

As someone who recovered from an autoimmune disease by drastically changing my diet, the words “Food is Medicine” have taken on a new and very important meaning.  I recovered from severe ulcerative colitis by eliminating the foods that I couldn’t digest and allowing my body to heal. This healing and remission came after 18 months of “standard protocol treatment” that did nothing but make my symptoms worse. During this time, I had countless encounters with providers who insisted that food had nothing to do with my digestive disease. With more drugs and surgery being the only options, I decided to try changing my diet, throwing away the drugs, and giving my body a chance to heal naturally. Within a year…

Uncovering Infertility Issues as a Team

Nichole K

One of the most defeating things as a man or woman is the continuous letdown, month after month, when trying to conceive a child. When two people’s hearts are set and overflowing with love and desire for a child, the inability to conceive and give that love becomes overbearing and self-defeating.


Journey to Healing: Finding new Life with Lyme Disease

by Michelle B.

“I keep pinching myself… it has been two months since we left Riordan and I STILL feel amazing!” That’s what I said to my husband after coming home from two weeks of intense IV Vitamin C (IVC) and Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) treatments at the Riordan Clinic in Kansas.

Our journey to healing from Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease (for both my daughter and myself) has taken four years, more than ten doctors, five states, countless blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs, EEGs, EKGs, IVIG, special diets and too many pharmaceutical/herbal treatments to count; none of which permanently cured us…”

Hoyt Lee’s Journey

by Shawna O.

“There’s something ‘BIG’ behind his left eye,” the pediatric ophthalmologist exclaimed.  “We have to get him to hospital now for an MRI!” February 14th, 2012, we were immediately rushed over to the hospital and  within a few hours, a pediatric doctor was trying to explain, “Your son has a very large tumor that is wrapped around his optic nerve, called a Glioma.” There were so many questions and very few answers. We were told only two options, “Either you can do chemo or not.” The depth of my stomach was churning! I later learned that this feeling was my intuition and I have relied on it to guide me throughout Hoyt’s journey…

Comments From Our Co-Learners

“I am back on track with energy”

Pam S.

“At age 67, I found myself going downhill energy wise. Go to bed tired, get up tired. My doctor wanted me on a statin for high cholesterol and kept saying I was sick because of my sleep apnea. Started treatment at Riordan Clinic when tests showed my levels needed attention. No Vitamin C in my body, and low magnesium. Now 3 months into tests of IV Vitamin C and supplements, I am back on track with energy.”

“My experience with [IVC] has been nothing less than amazing!”


“My experience with the mini-Myers (IV Vitamin C with other nutrients) has been nothing less than amazing! The total IV time is 25-30 minutes and is easy to have done. My energy is much improved and the terrible sores on my arms are healing very quickly. Also, my skin tone is much improved. Thank you so much!”

“Life is so worth living again”

Pam S.

“I would recommend this clinic to everyone. I have been there for a weekly visit for eight weeks & life is so worth living again. To have energy is wonderful.”