IVC Now – 7.5 g IV Vitamin C “Push”

Supercharge Your Immunity with IVC NOW!

  • Your White Blood Cells (WBC’s) are the soldiers of your immune system.
  • Research shows that WBCs can concentrate vitamin C up to 8000% greater than the blood level.
  • When under attack by an infection, your WBC’s use this high concentration of C to make hydrogen peroxide to use against pathogens.
  • Virus-infected cells are identified and attacked by your WBC’s and a killing dose of hydrogen peroxide is injected into the infected cell.
  • Without the “ammunition” of high reserves of vitamin C, your WBC’s will be less effective.
  • For the last 35 years, the Riordan Clinic has administered vitamin C intravenously as a safe and effective way to maximize immune responsiveness.

If you are not quarantined, are not showing symptoms of a fever or cough, are not limited by current KDHE travel restrictions, or have not been exposed to the coronavirus (to the best of your knowledge),  and you want to take advantage of an intravenous “boost” of vitamin C, call and schedule your IVC 7.5 gram PUSH at Riordan Clinic.

Call to schedule: 800.447.7276 for Wichita. No walk-in appointments will be accepted.

Hays and Overland Park availability coming soon.

  1. You will be given a short medical history form to fill out before your first visit to make sure there are no contraindications to you receiving an IVC push. This form will be emailed to you after you call and make your appointment. Please print this at home and bring the filled out forms with you.
  2. Our PA will then review your history form, check your vital signs, and assess your overall medical status.
  3. If approved, our trained nurses will start a “butterfly IV” and then administer a pH-balanced, isotonic “push” of 7.5 grams (7,500 mg) of pure sodium ascorbate over about 5-10 minutes.

The cost of IVC NOW will be $95 for each 7.5 g IVC Push.  There is an additional fee for the 15-minute doctor/provider evaluation due at your first visit/IV. Any future appointments with a doctor or PA will be billed at their going rate. Please ask our staff for details.

We suggest that you eat something prior to the infusion since a high dose of vitamin C can cause a mild blood sugar drop in rare individuals.

This 7.5 gram IVC PUSH can be repeated weekly to maintain high intracellular reserves of vitamin C.  (This is in addition to any oral supplements or lifestyle adjustments you have made to amplify your immune responsiveness.)

Riordan Clinic has safely administered over 250,000 vitamin C infusions during its tenure as the renowned “Vitamin C Capital of the World.”  Our IVC publications (now over 30) are recognized around the globe.

The current world pandemic is a huge challenge to humankind.  We want to help in the best way that we know, in a cost-effective manner.

Please call ahead to schedule your IVC NOW: 800.447.7276

Ron Hunninghake, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Acting CEO
Riordan Clinic


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