Doctor Shadowing Experience


Doctors and clinicians from around the globe have benefited from training with the experts in Nutritional Medicine at the Riordan Clinic. The Doctor Shadowing Experience provides focused guidance in the treatments and therapies that we are most known for. With forty+ years of experience, the Riordan Clinic remains the World Leaders in Vitamin C.

What can doctors and nurses expect during their Shadowing Experience?

  • Sit in on patient visits with co-learners to learn our root-cause approach.
  • Meet individually with Riordan Clinic’s CMO, Dr. Ron Hunninghake, for thirty minutes to ask questions and review protocols.
  • Learn the Riordan Clinic IVC Protocol, ask questions, and receive clarification from the team that helped research and write it.
  • Receive one-on-one training with our nurses in the IV therapy area including time spent our Director of Clinical Services.
  • Observe the mixing and administration of IV Nutrient therapies.
  • Speak with department leads regarding our more than four decades of excellent care and expertise.
  • Gain access to our top-of-the-line Nutrient Store stocked with handpicked supplements by our own Riordan Clinic providers and apply to become a reseller of Riordan’s nutrient line.
  • Learn what  Bio-Center Laboratory has to offer you and your patients. [Learn more about the Bio-Center Lab]
  • Engage in conversation about our current and past research projects.

Thank you!!! For a wonderful three day rotation with you. I’m so impressed with the compassion and level of care that you provide to your patients. I understand why the reputation for the Riordan Clinic is so exceptional. I wish you all the best!” – Dr. Kathleen Hopkins, July 2019

  • Sample 3 Day Itinerary

    Monday – Day 1



    8:00 am Clinic Tour
    8:30 am Shadow a new patient/return visit with Dr. Ron Hunninghake
    11:30 am Meet individually with Dr. Ron, ask questions, etc.
    12:00 pm Break for lunch (off-site)
    2:00 pm Meet with someone from our Research team
    3:00 pm Meet with someone from our senior leadership team (ie CEO or COO)

    Tuesday – Day 2



    9:00 am Overview of IV mixing and infusion
    9:30 am Shadow the nursing team as they give IVs and various treatments
    12:00 pm Break for lunch (off-site)
    2:00 pm Meet with Nutrient Store Manager, to discuss Riordan Clinic products and wholesale program
    2:30 pm Meet with Director of Marketing to discuss resources available to your patients through Riordan Clinic’s education programs
    3:00 pm Meet with our New Patient Coordinator to review what it’s like to explain IVC and services to prospective patients
    3:30 pm TBD based on your individual needs.

    Wednesday – Day 3



    9:00 am Shadow in the Bio-Center Laboratory and meet with Lab Director or Lab Manager
    10:00 am Shadow the nursing team as they give IVs and various treatments
    12:00 pm Break for lunch (off-site)
    2:00 pm Shadow a new patient/return visit with Dr. Ron Hunninghake
    4:00 pm Program end. Receive certification for the completion of the Doctor Shadowing Experience.
  • Learn from the Experts

    During your Shadowing Experience, you will have the opportunity to meet with different staff members. These are a few team members you can expect to see during your time on campus:

    Ron Hunninghake, MD

    Chief Medical Officer, Riordan Clinic

    read bio

    Krystal Dinkel, RN

    Doctor Shadow Experience Coordinator

    Charles Hinshaw, MD

    Director, Bio-Center Laboratory

    read bio

    Megan Neathery, MSM

    Manager, Riordan Clinic Nutrient Store

  • Pricing




    1 Day $600 Designed for nurses or clinical staff wanting focused training in just one or two areas, such as mixing and administration of IVs.
    2 Day $1,100 For Doctors wanting to dig deeper and will include meeting with several departments such as research, laboratory, store, etc.
    3 Day $1,500 Ideal for those new to Intravenous Nutrient Therapy or who want the fullest Riordan Clinic experience. Includes a 15g IVC!

    Included in your experience will be a profile from the Bio-Center Laboratory that includes Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Lycopene, Lutein, Beta Carotene, and Plasma Vitamin C. The three-day experience also includes a 15g IVC (IV Vitamin C).

    If you would like to increase your Shadow Experience you will have the opportunity to participate in clinic services and therapies, additional nutrient/lab testing, or shop in our Nutrient Store. We are happy to offer these add-on experiences at an exclusive discount. More information will be sent with your registration confirmation.

    Additional individual time with Dr. Ron Hunninghake, or any Riordan Clinic doctor/provider, will be charged at the regular patient billing rate. This will need to be scheduled as far in advance as possible to ensure availability. Please ask for more details upon registration.

  • Available Dates

    All Shadowing Experiences start on a Monday, see the full details below.

    The available starting dates* in 2022 are:


    • June 6, 2022
    • June 20, 2022
    • July 18, 2022
    • August 8, 2022
    • August 22, 2022
    • November 7, 2022


    To ensure that each shadowing participant receives adequate attention and time with our staff, we will limit each day to two Shadowing Experience participants. Requests for exceptions can be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

    *Date availability is subject to change based on patient needs and staff availability. Requested dates are not guaranteed until your registration and payment have been completed, at which time you will receive a confirmation and details on logistics such as itinerary, local hotel information, etc. Dates are awarded to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis so apply early if you have a specific date in mind. All shadowing experiences begin on Monday.

  • Apply for a Doctor Shadowing Experience

    Because we have a high demand for doctors and clinicians who request to visit the Riordan Clinic’s Wichita campus to shadow our team, we ask that you begin by submitting an application through the form below. A member of our team will contact you within a few business days with information on next steps. Thank you!

    Shadowing Experience - Application

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    • Please mark your top 3 choices. All Shadowing Experiences start on a Monday. Dates are not guaranteed until confirmed by the Riordan Clinic.
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  • Testimonials

    “I would highly recommend this shadowing experience for anyone who is interested in IV infusions and whole health!  I felt that I made the right decision to come there and learned from each one of you.

    I have never seen such a pleasant and co-operative friendly staff who did not hesitate to share a wealth of information and materials with me. I really felt connected.

    I truly enjoyed shadowing your team, the knowledge that they shared will guide me further in the care of my patients. Exposed for the first time to Reiki, which was relaxing!  Learned quite a bit on IVC first and I feel good after surviving IVC infusion and please let Dr. Hunninghake know it was worth going through the whole experience! My special thanks to him!

    I enjoyed every moment while I was there, starting from rejuvenating teas, the amazing architecture of the buildings, natural sunlight and peaceful surroundings to exploring the supplement store and marketing.

    No wonder your patients feel better from just being there!

    I am looking forward to collaborating with Riordan clinic in the near future and considering using your labs and other resources as I prepare my clinic for IV infusions in coming months if all goes well. “

    Shantha Iyer MD
    Paras Integrated Health
    Center for Healing Medicine and Healthy Living, Algeria

    “Thank you for everything/hospitality. I learned a lot. All of the staff is genuine, informative and very professional. It was great meeting Dr. Ron and I hope we can work together on projects.”

    Dr. Oscar N. Lightner M.D., Loredo Texas