Ron Hunninghake, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Ron, as patients fondly refer to Ron Hunninghake, MD, is a native Kansan. He served his medical internship at Wichita’s Wesley Medical Center in 1979 and completed his residency at the Smoky Hill Family Practice Program in Salina, Kansas in 1982.

Dr. Ron began his career as a small-town doc in Minneapolis, Kansas where he first started teaching clinic-based wellness. Later, he joined nearby Salina Family Physicians and was instrumental in founding WellPlan, a comprehensive lifestyle modification program. Seeking even greater involvement in helping patients learn innovative ways to rebuild and maintain their health, he joined the Riordan Clinic in 1989 as its Medical Doctor.

Following in the footsteps of Dr. Hugh Riordan after the Clinic founder’s untimely death in 2005, Dr. Ron set about articulating the Riordan approach in seven core precepts:

  1. The primacy of the doctor/patient relationship
  2. Identify and correct the underlying causes
  3. Characterize the biochemical uniqueness of the patient as co-learner
  4. Care for the whole person
  5. Let food be thy medicine
  6. Cultivate healthy reserves
  7. The healing power of nature

In addition to his full-time practice as a holistic medical doctor at the Riordan Clinic, Dr. Ron has made multiple trips to Japan, Spain, Ecuador, Columbia, New Zealand, Canada and South Korea to lecture on The Riordan IVC Protocol for Cancer. He is a past chairman of the International Schizophrenia Foundation and has been a regular presenter at their Orthomolecular Medicine Today conference that has been held annually in Canada for the past 39 years. Here at the Riordan Clinic, he has presented more than 300 lectures dealing with all facets of nutrition, lifestyle, and optimal health. He has co-authored three books on subjects including inflammation, energy-boosting supplements, and how to stop pre-diabetes.

2017 Healthcare Heroes | Wichita Business Journal

2013 Orthomolecular Hall of Fame | Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine

2011 Orthomolecular Doctor of the Year | International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine

Pearl Maker Award | Riordan Clinic | IVC and Cancer Symposium