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As Functional Medicine practitioners, our goal is to help patients realize that health is simply the body doing the best it can with what it has been given to work with. We use a systems-oriented, patient-centered approach that considers the patient a co-learner on the road to wellness. Naturopathic Medicine (or environmental medicine) is a natural fit for a Functional Medicine practitioner because along with looking at what the body is missing that it needs, the role a co-learner’s environment may have in burdening it with what it doesn’t need is also considered. Toxins in the environment are identified and a safe, effective, replenishing/cleansing program is begun.

Functional and Naturopathic Medicine are integrative, science-based health care approaches. Practitioners consider the complex interactions of patient history, physiology and lifestyle that can lead to illness.


Benefits of Functional/Environmental Medicine

  • Realize the relationship between environment and health/body
  • Can prevent some illness when environmental toxins are realized
  • Helps treat and relieve autoimmune and inflammatory diseases

Related Research & Information

    • The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM):
      The AAEM is an international organization representing physicians who specialize in Environmental Medicine.




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