IVC Symposium


2018 IVC Symposium:
Getting to the Roots of Mitochondrial Dysfunction


This Symposium will be an opportunity for attendees to gather to listen, learn, and answer the compelling questions of our time:

Cellular Hypoxia:  Could disruption of cellular respiration be the primal root cause of the chronic illness plague now enveloping western civilization?

Pervasive Polypharmacy: Is the overuse of allopathic medicines (especially antibiotics) an insidious, albeit pervasive, energy organelle dysregulator?

Environmental Toxicity: Have the 32 million new chemicals introduced into the Earth’s biosphere over the last 90 years (most of them untested for human adversity) finally reached a tipping point where cellular methylation and detoxification processes can no longer protect our energy metabolism?

Dietary Demise: Are our foods killing us? Has ubiquitous sugar become “the white plague” mortally disrupting the smooth interchange between healthy glycolysis and efficient fat-burning oxidative phosphorylation that bestowed an adaptive advantage to our ancestors?

Homo Sapiens Ascorbicus: If our species is to survive, will that amazing hepatic metabolite and electron-buffering molecule be technologically innovated to rescue struggling humanity from our ubiquitous genetic disorder, as named  by Dr Irwin Stone: “hypoascorbemia”?

The Three Molecules: Will a new medicine rise to the forefront of medical care that recognizes a new “standard of care” where the balanced energy metabolism of three core molecules are finally acknowledged as the three pillars of cellular health? Oxygen, glucose, and ascorbate.

Symposium objectives:

  • To bring together experts who understand the structure and energy-producing function of the mitochondria and have applied their knowledge in the care chronically ill patients.
  • To bring you up to date on the latest scientific research that supports the use of intravenous Vitamin C in the support and remediation of mitochondrial distress
  • To underscore the importance of lifestyle-related adjuvant therapies that are necessary for the proper care and feeding of your mitochondria.

Putting it all together – what you’ll be able to take back to your practice:

  • Learn Safe & Effective Administration of IV Vitamin C (IVC)
  • Discover a Unified Theory of Chronic Illness
  • Uncover How IVC Affects Mitochondrial Energy
  • Learn the Riordan Clinic Approach to Cancer Care Using IVC
  • Receive Certification in the Riordan IVC Protocol (View the protocol)
  • Earn 16.5 continuing education hours (Optional – add this when registering. See form below.)

Space is limited – Register today! $749*

** Early Bird price ends 9/15/18. Regular price: $895. CMEs are an additional $40 fee due at registration.
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    Registration is now open! Space is limited so register early to ensure your spot at the 2018 Symposium:

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      16.5 CME Credits will be awarded through Westbrook University. Your certificate will be sent to you after the conference and will match your name exactly as it appears on the registration form you are submitting now. If you do not register for CMEs you will not receive them.
    • Price: $80.00 Quantity:
      Closing Banquet and Pearl Maker Award Reception Saturday, October 6th, 6pm - 9pm, Drury Ballroom *Must be purchased in advance
    • Symposium Media Sets (Optional)

      IVC Symposium Media Sets are available for purchase for individual study. The 2018 set is available for pre-sale (regular price $225). Media Set includes: video recordings of speaker presentations and a full copy of the eSyllabus. This price includes the cost of mailing within the U.S. Both will arrive on a USB Flash Drive. Please choose from the materials listed below:
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  • Agenda
     Thursday, October 4th*
    9:00 am – 10:00 amThomas Levy, MD, JDVitamin C, Mitochondria and Cellular Energy
    10:00 am – 11:00 amNina Mikirova, PhDPharmacologic Ascorbate in the Treatment of Cancer
    11:00 am – 11:30 amBREAK
    11:30 am – 12:30 pmDave Austin, ResearcherGetting IVC: Cancer Patients CAN ADVOCATE for themselves!
    12:30 pm – 1:45 pmLUNCH (provided)Sponsored by: LivOn Laboratories
    1:45 pm – 3:00 pmRon Hunninghake, MDSeed, Soil, Sower – Orthomolecular Oncology in 6 Phases
    3:00 pm – 3:30 pmBREAK
    3:30 pm – 4:30 pmChris Brannon, RN, BSNThe ABC’s of IVC: Practical Nursing Considerations
    4:30 pm – 5:00 pmQ&ARecap of Day 1’s speakers and topics


     Friday, October 5th*
    9:00 am – 10:00 amThomas Levy, MD, JDVitamin C and Infection: New Applications
    10:00 am – 11:00 amVictor Marcial-Vega, MDAn Oncologist Addresses Toxins, Viruses and Stress
    11:00 am – 11:30 amBREAK
    11:30 am – 12:30 pmQi Chen, PhDHow does high dose intravenous vitamin C kill cancer cells? – Current understanding in the mechanisms
    12:30 pm – 1:45 pmLUNCH (provided)Sponsored by: Bio-Center Laboratory
    1:45 pm – 3:00 pmNasha Winters, ND,
    FABNO, L.Ac
    Deep Nutrition and the Metabolic Approach to Cancer
    3:00 pm – 3:30 pmBREAK
    3:30 pm – 4:30 pmOurania
    Chichura, ND
    Mitochondria and Microbiome:  The Real Roots of Disease
    4:30 pm – 5:00 pmQ&ARecap of Day 2’s speakers and topics


    Saturday, October 6th
    9:00 am – 10:00 amRon Hunninghake, MD &
    Anne Zauderer, DC
    What’s Happening to Our Children’s Mitochondria?
    10:00 am – 11:00 amBerry Fowler, MDPhase 2 Research – IVC and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
    11:00 am – 11:30 amBREAK
    11:30 am – 12:30 pmFrank Shallenberger, MD,
    Optimizing Oxidation in the Care of Chronically Ill Patients
    12:30 pm – 1:45 pmLUNCH (provided)Sponsored by:
    1:45 pm – 3:00 pmScott Sherr, MDStrategy: Hyperbaric Oxygen, IVC, and Ketogenic Diet
    3:00 pm – 3:30 pmBREAK
    3:30 pm – 4:30 pmRon Hunninghake, MD
    and Dave Austin, Researcher
    SuCCeED! Sustained Cancer Cell Energy Depletion
    4:30 pm – 5:00 pmWrap up and Q&ARecap of Day 3 and Symposium’s speakers and topics
    6:00 pm – 9:00 pmBanquet & Pearl Maker AwardsTickets must be purchased in advance. Tickets will be available through Thursday 10/4/18 at the registration table.


  • Speakers

    IVC & Chronic Illness Symposium speakers represent a growing field of pioneers who have found that Vitamin C is a powerful adjunct in the care of chronically ill patients.

    Speakers are listed alphabetically by last name.

    Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD, ABAAM

    read bio

    Ourania Stephanopoulos-Chichura, MD

    read bio

    Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, L.Ac, Dipl.OM

    read bio
  • Presentation Descriptions

    Thursday October 4th

    Vitamin C, Mitochondria and Cellular Energy

    Thomas Levy, MD, JD
    Dr. Levy, a world authority on Vitamin C, will explore electron flow as it relates to the unique structure and chemistry of the ascorbate molecule, and its role in maintaining a redox-balanced state in mitochondrial energy generation.

    Pharmacologic Ascorbate in the Treatment of Cancer

    Nina Mikirova, PhD
    Dr. Mikirova has been a driving force in Riordan Clinic’s IVC research.  Her presentation will summarize the ever-expanding scientific evidence that supports the adjunctive role of IVC in the care of cancer patients.

    The Three Molecules Theory of Health & Disease

    Ron Hunninghake, MD
    Dr. Ron, Chief Medical Officer of Riordan Clinic, will present unified theory of chronic illness as perceived from the molecular level of life of earth.

    Getting Your IVC! Cancer Patients CAN Advocate for Themselves

    Dave Austin, PhD
    As IVC research has expanded into conventional medicine, the denial of IVC services to cancer patients has become ever more untenable.  David Austin will present the lay perspective on how cancer patients and their families can successfully confront obstinate oncologists in their quest to receive the crucial adjunctive benefits of IVC therapy.

    The ABC’s of IVC: Practical Nursing Considerations

    Chris Brannon, RN, BSN
    Chris Brannon R.N. serves as the manager of nursing services at Riordan Clinic.  Here he will review practical guidelines in the safe preparation and delivery of IVC therapy.  These “standards of care” must be recognized and adopted as IVC becomes a widely utilized therapeutic option.

    Friday October 5th

    Vitamin C and Infection: New Applications

    Thomas Levy, MD, JD
    “The genie is out of the bottle!”  Expanding on this monumental book, Curing the Incurable, Dr. Levy will review the mushrooming research in the use of IVC in the care of septic shock and other emerging infectious disease syndromes.

    Phase 2 Research – IVC and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

    Berry Fowler, III, MD

    Dr. Fowler is a pioneer in the application of IVC in septic shock management.  His early research has now led to a multi-institution, blinded trial in the use of an IVC protocol for ARDS – Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome – the results of which he will report on in this presentation.

    How Ascorbate Can Deplete Cancer Cell ATP

    Qi Chen, PhD
    Dr. Chen has served as a leader in the search for a plausible scientific understanding of IVC treatment mechanisms in the care of cancer patients. Here she will review the emerging understanding of high dose ascorbate’s ability to thwart the advance of cancer cell growth.

    Deep Nutrition and the Metabolic Approach to Cancer

    Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, L.Ac
    Dr. Winters’ book The Metabolic Approach to Cancer – Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet, and Non-toxic Bio-individualized Therapies – really says it all!  In this presentation she will focus on the “deep nutrition” aspect in optimal cancer care.

    Mitochondria and Microbiome:  Real Roots of Disease… and Health!

    Ourania Stephanopoulos-Chichura, ND
    A graduate of the KU Integrative Medicine Fellowship, Dr. Nia has demonstrated superb clinical diagnostic skill in treating chronically ill co-learners. She sees mitochondrial dysfunction a core root cause that stems from perhaps an even more fundamental root cause: disruption of the human microbiome!

    Saturday, October 6th

    What’s Happening to our Children’s Mitochondria?

    Ron Hunninghake, MD and  Anne Zauderer, DC
    Poorly fed, undermethylated and overburdened with environmental toxins and stressors, our kids’ mitochondria are unable to sustain the physical and cognitive energy needed for growth and learning.  Overdiagnosis of ADD and ADHD with mitochondrial-toxic meds is greatly complicating this travesty.

    An Oncologist Addresses Toxins, Viruses, and Stress

    Victor Marcial-Vega, MD
    Dr. Marcial-Vega has been a long-time IVC practitioner for cancer patients. In this presentation, he brings us a compelling overview of key cancer-causing, or at least, cancer-promoting environment challenges that he feels MUST BE ADDRESSED in the successful management of this illness.

    Optimizing Oxidation in the Care of Chronically Ill Patients

    Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD, ABAAM
    Dr. Shallenberger, the president of the American Ozone Therapy Association, will demonstrate the crucial role of oxidative therapies in the maintenance and enhancement of mitochondrial energy production, an absolute necessity for better health and optimal aging.

    Strategy: Hyperbaric Oxygen, IVC, and Ketogenic Diet

    Scott Sherr, MD
    Three key molecules determine health or chronic illness: oxygen, sugar, and vitamin C.  Dr. Sherr will discuss a possible HBO treatment strategy utilizing IVC and very low glucose intake.

    SuCCeED! Sustained Cancer Cell Energy Depletion

    Ron Hunninghake, MD and Dave Austin, PhD
    Can we energy-starve cancer cells?  Can we maximize this cancer killing effect with long-duration IVC administration via an innovative delivery technology? SuCCeED may be the long awaited “missing link” in the IVC and cancer control story.

    This year we will incorporate the famous Riordan IVC Academy into the substance of
    the presentations you will attend during the three days of this knowledge packed symposium.
    At the end, you will receive your certification in the Riordan IVC Protocol.

  • More Information: Cancer From Dr Ron's Interpretation of a Cellular Perspective

    From the cellular perspective the path to cancer is obvious:  without energy, a precipitous decline in functionality is inevitable.  The following is a hypothetical dramatization of the ailing cell’s functional decline into serious illness:

    When the flow of electrons through the mitochondrial electron transport chain backs up, ATP levels lag.  Crucial enzymes bottleneck.  Reactive oxidants accumulate as intracellular distress-signaling crescendos.  Genetic transcription apps start firing in a panic.  The cell braces for emergency adaptation and survival.

    Next, inflammatory cytokines are released to recruit the help of surrounding cells. A desperate attempt to restore the injured cell’s disrupted environment is coordinated through an acute phase response. The progressive decay of the cell’s eukaryotic ox-phos power station leads to cellular regression. Gasping for oxygen, the frantic cell returns to its ancestral, prokaryotic, anaerobic energy-generation mode: glycolysis.

    This maladaptation produces only a meager supply of emergency ATP.  Lactic acid accumulates.  The cell’s environment grows ever more acidic and sets up a shift in the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve.  Red cells voraciously hoard their oxygen supply from the frantic cell.  With declining oxygen availability and only emergency ATP, the organelles’ caloric substrates and key nutrient cofactors reach a critical deficiency state.

    Antioxidant and detoxification systems fail. Intracellular oxidative stress deepens. Profound energy starvation sets in. Genetic damage accumulates as crucial fragments of regulatory information are damaged. Latent viruses dormant in the genome spring to life to prey on the helpless cell with malicious parasitic coding.  The body’s immune system is further drawn into the maelstrom, initiating self-destructive attacks on the dying cell that is now mistaken as a foreign invader.

    Disease and dysregulation have now become this cell’s reality.  Having “aged” precipitously, its life span is spent, and apoptosis is its only option.  The cell turns to the p53 gene to initiate its final brave act of self-annihilation. But, with only barely functional, oxygen-deprived mitochondria, even apoptosis fails.

    The wounded cell, in its last gasp effort to survive, turns from imminent demise to demonic devolution through a total regression.  The neoplastic “selfish cell” is born.  A fatally fatigued cell has “adapted” to its anaerobic, toxic, and highly inflammatory environment.

    This desperate cell survives. Its multicellular host, however, pays the price:  cancer!

    This year the Riordan Clinic IVC Symposium hails the preeminent role of the mitochondria in all matters of health, chronic illness, and cancer.

  • Care for the Providers - Clinic Services

    “Never order any therapy that you haven’t first tried on yourself.”
    – Dr. Hugh Riordan

    Attendees of the IVC Symposium will have the opportunity to participate in treatment services while on site. Dr. Riordan was known for saying that providers should never order services or tests that they have not first tried on themselves. Care for the Providers gives you the unique opportunity to receive the very care that you are learning about – from the world experts in administering IV Vitamin C!

    To schedule, please fill out the form below and Olivia will be in contact with you shortly. Thank you!

     Clinic Services Available: Price:
    15 gm IV Vitamin C$105
    15 gm IV Vitamin C Plus 1 mL B Complex$118
    25 gm IV Vitamin C$119
    25 gm IV Vitamin C Plus 1 mL B Complex$132
    50 gm* IV Vitamin C$170
    IVC Add-on: Hydroxy B12$3 per mL
    IVC Add-on: B Plex$13 per mL
    IVC Add-on: Magnesium Chloride$4 per mL
    IVC Add-on: Zinc Sulfate$8 per mL
    B12 Injection 1 mL$23
    B12 Injection 2 mL$26
    B-Complex Injection 1 mL$33

    *In order to receive a 50 gm IVC, a physical copy of your G6PD results must be shown at the time of service. A photo/copy will not be accepted. No exceptions will be able to be made. Thank you for your understanding. If you would like to have a G6PD test done, our Bio-Center Laboratory will be on site and drawing for this test on Thursday morning. They will be offering this test at a discounted rate of $58. The results will be back in time to receive a 50 gm IVC on Friday and/or Saturday. Fill out the form below to find out more!

    Care for the Provider

    Please fill in your information below to be contacted regarding scheduling Clinic and Lab Services during the IVC Symposium.
      If you prefer to schedule by phone, please call: Clinic Services: Olivia at 316.682.3100 x321 Lab Services: Karen at 316.682.3100 x202


    Thank you to the McGuff Company, Inc
    for being this year’s exclusive sponsor of Care for the Providers.

  • Care for the Providers - Nutrient Testing


    Attendees of the IVC Symposium will have the opportunity to participate in nutrient testing, provided by the Bio-Center Laboratory, while on site. Care for the Providers gives you the unique opportunity to speak with lab staff, establish a wholesale account, and participate in Nutrient testing – from the laboratory that has been setting the standards since 1975.  Find out more about the Bio-Center Laboratory

     Profile Name Regular Price “Care for the Provider” Price
    Mega Panel$2552$1659
    Nutrition Panel$1849$1202
    Methylation Panel$867$564
    Brain Panel$1476$959
    Heart Panel$977$633
    Inflammation Panel$638$415
    Breast Panel$575$374
    Energy Panel$756$491
    Prostate Panel$816$530
    Eye Panel$532$346
    Pre-Diabetic Panel$500$325
    Skin, Hair, Nail Panel$852$554
    Bone Panel$785$510
    Pre-Conception Panel$824$536
     Misc. Test(s)  Regular Price “Care for the Provider” Price
    G6PD (required for 50g IV)$90$58
    *Sale prices available only during the “IVC Symposium”  event and is subject to change. Limited spaces – sign up for your spot today!

    Care for the Provider

    Please fill in your information below to be contacted regarding scheduling Clinic and Lab Services during the IVC Symposium.
      If you prefer to schedule by phone, please call: Clinic Services: Olivia at 316.682.3100 x321 Lab Services: Karen at 316.682.3100 x202
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    The 2018 IVC Symposium will be held at the beautiful Drury Hotel in the heart of Wichita’s historic old town. Close to many local restaurants, cafes and evening event options while remaining convenient for travelers arriving by car or flight. Come be a part of what makes our city #Wichitawesome.

    Group room rates include the following for overnight guests:

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  • Exhibitors & Sponsors

    Thank you to our IVC Academy sponsors! Please use the links below to visit their sites and inquire about their services.

    To find out about becoming a sponsor/exhibitor for the 2018 Symposium please click HERE.

  • What past attendees are saying about the IVC Academy & Symposium

    “Now I see that it was worth traveling 24 hours to come to this conference because what I hear here is telling me that I am thinking in the right direction. That you have to combine different modalities and Intraveneous Vitamin C is the modality that is not developed enough in my part of the world. So I would like to be the agent of change in that respect.”

    Jana Wahl, MD, MSc, MBA, Health Coach
    Kamnik, Slovenia


    “I’m very fortunate to be… attending the Riordan Clinic conference. How Vitamin C is so beneficial to improve the health of our patients. From inflammation, from scurvy; whether it is by infection, or whether it is by cancer, whether it is by toxic overload. This is an excellent meeting and I encourage all physicians, and all care providers to attend this one.”

    Paul Kotturan, MD
    Deerfield Beach, Florida


    “It is really great to be able to listen to guys that have done this for years and be able to learn from their experiences. … If you’re interested in IV therapy, or just want to learn more about it for your patients, a great place to network and be with other people that are there.”

    James Warren, DC, APC
    Tulsa, Oklahoma


  • Questions?

    Please contact our Symposium Coordinator, Erin Manning, at 316-927-4709 or use the form below. Thank you!