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We will not be hosting an IVC Academy or IVC Symposium in 2020. However, we do have available dates for our Doctor Shadowing Experience where you can receive one-on-one training from the Riordan Clinic medical team and world-renowned experts in Intravenous vitamin C (IVC) therapies. Any future dates for the IVC Symposium or IVC Academy are to be determined.

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In 1990, Dr. Hugh Riordan announced the inception of RECNAC – Research Encompassing Novel Approaches to Cancer – with the intent of discovering underlying causes of cancer and finding ways to treat cancer in a non-toxic fashion.

Now, 30+ years later, The Riordan IVC Protocol for Cancer is well known in the integrative and orthomolecular medicine community and is commonly used as an effective adjunct to conventional oncologic therapy. Although the access to trained physicians and clinics has grown, there is still an overwhelming number of providers who are looking for guidance on using IVC in their practice.

1. What is the best measure of IVC effectiveness?
2. Should other nutrients be added to the IVC solution?
3. Could alternative rates of infusion improve outcome?
4. What types of cancers respond best to IVC therapy?

If any of these questions resonate with you, the IVC Symposium is the perfect opportunity to step away from your daily schedule and focus on learning how to implement or strengthen the use of IVC in your practice. Learn from the experts who helped research, develop, teach, and use the IVC Protocol every day.

  • What Past Attendees Are Saying

    “Now I see that it was worth traveling 24 hours to come to this conference because what I hear here is telling me that I am thinking in the right direction. That you have to combine different modalities and Intravenous Vitamin C is the modality that is not developed enough in my part of the world. So I would like to be the agent of change in that respect.”    Jana Wahl, MD, MSc, MBA | Health Coach | Kamnik, Slovenia

    “I’m very fortunate to be… attending the Riordan Clinic conference. How Vitamin C is so beneficial to improve the health of our patients. From inflammation, from scurvy; whether it is by infection, or whether it is by cancer, whether it is by toxic overload. This is an excellent meeting and I encourage all physicians, and all care providers to attend this one.”  Paul Kotturan, MD | Deerfield Beach, Florida

    “It is really great to be able to listen to guys that have done this for years and be able to learn from their experiences. … If you’re interested in IV therapy, or just want to learn more about it for your patients, a great place to network and be with other people that are there.” James Warren, DC, APC | Tulsa, Oklahoma

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