IVC Symposium


2020 IVC Symposium

October 1-3, 2020 | Drury Broadview Hotel | Wichita, KS | Price TBA

In 1990, Dr. Hugh Riordan announced the inception of RECNAC – Research Encompassing Novel Approaches to Cancer – with the intent of discovering underlying causes of cancer and finding ways to treat cancer in a non-toxic fashion.

Now, 29 years later, The Riordan IVC Protocol for Cancer is well known in the integrative and orthomolecular medicine community and is commonly used as an effective adjunct to conventional oncologic therapy. Although the access to trained physicians and clinics has grown, there is still an overwhelming number of providers who are looking for guidance on using IVC in their practice.

1. What is the best measure of IVC effectiveness?
2. Should other nutrients be added to the IVC solution?
3. Could alternative rates of infusion improve outcome?
4. What types of cancers respond best to IVC therapy?

If any of these questions resonate with you, the IVC Symposium is the perfect opportunity to step away from your daily schedule and focus on learning how to implement or strengthen the use of IVC in your practice. Learn from the experts who helped research, develop, teach, and use the IVC Protocol every day.

Event details are being developed and will be announced as available. Use the form below to submit your email address to receive updates including an alert when registration opens.

  • Call for Speakers - 2020 IVC Symposium

    The IVC Symposium is now accepting proposals from potentials speakers for next year’s conference!  Proposals are due by Sunday, January 12th.

    As we begin planning the 2020 IVC Symposium we are accepting proposals for topics and presentations. We’re looking for industry experts with insightful, knowledgeable content to speak at next year’s event.

    Please fill out the form below in order to be considered. Please note that although we do provide travel and lodging for our speakers*, as a not-for-profit organization we do not offer speaker honorariums or pay speaking fees. Thank you!


    Call for Speakers

    • (Where will you be traveling from?)
    • Please describe the presentation that you would like to be considered for the 2020 IVC Symposium agenda. You may also send this to us by email: symposium@riordanclinic.org


    *Full details on how travel and lodging will be arranged will be given to those invited to speak at the IVC Symposium.

  • Registration Form

    Registration for the 2020 IVC Symposium will open soon! For updates, add your contact information to the form below. Thank you!

  • 2019 IVC Academy Agenda

    Thursday- October 3rd, 2019

    6 p.m. – 8 p.m. | Riordan Clinic campus (3100 N Hillside, Wichita)

    Join us for drinks and light appetizers as you network with other IVC Academy attendees. You can also pick up your name badge and begin visiting with our exhibitors during this time. This event will be held at the Riordan Clinic and tours of the facility will be available.


    Friday – October 4th, 2019

    7:30 am Registration Opens – Coffee and tea will be provided.
    8:45 am Welcoming Comments
    9:00 am Ron Hunninghake, MD IV Vitamin C – Past, Present, and Future
    9:45 am Nina Mikirova, PhD A Summary of IVC Research
    10:30 am AM Break – Refreshments, networking, exhibitor booths
    11:00 am Ron Hunninghake, MD The Riordan IVC Protocol
    11:45 am  Thomas Levy, MD, JD Uses and Limitations of IV Vitamin C
    12:30 pm Lunch – provided
    1:45 pm Lucas Tims, ND, FABNO IV Vitamin C as Part of a Comprehensive Approach to Cancer
    2:45 pm PM Break – Refreshments, networking, exhibitor booths
    3:15 pm Chris Brannon, RN, BSN Nursing and Patient Perspectives
    4:15 pm Speaker Panel IVC Academy Q&A – Day 1
    5:00 pm Conclusion of Day 1


    Saturday – October 5th, 2019

    8:00 am Doors open
    9:00 am Chris Brannon, RN, BSN How to Safely Mix and Administer IV Vitamin C
    9:45 am Austin McGuff Sourcing High Quality, Reliable Infusion Products
    10:30 am AM Break – Refreshments, networking, exhibitor booths
    11:00 am Thomas Levy, MD, JD The Multi C Protocol
    11:45 am Charles Hinshaw, MD and
    Ron Hunninghake, MD
    Comprehensive Nutrient Testing
    12:30 pm Lunch – provided
    1:45 pm Ron Hunninghake, MD and
    Thomas Levy, MD, JD
    Issues and Answers – Implementing IV Vitamin C
    2:45 pm PM Break – Refreshments, networking, exhibitor booths
    3:15 pm Speaker Panel IVC Academy Q&A – Day 2 and Final Comments
    5:00 pm Conclusion of Day 2


    There are 11 CME hours available. Please purchase CME certificates, if you would like one, through the registration form. CME hours are obtained through Westbrook University and will be mailed to those who have ordered them within 30 days after the completion of the IVC Academy.

  • Presentation Descriptions - coming soon!

    Presentation descriptions will be added as speakers are confirmed. To submit a proposal, please fill out the open call for speakers’ form below.

    Call for Speakers

    • (Where will you be traveling from?)
    • Please describe the presentation that you would like to be considered for the 2020 IVC Symposium agenda. You may also send this to us by email: symposium@riordanclinic.org
  • Speakers

    More speakers will be added as details are confirmed. Check back soon!

    Speakers are listed alphabetically by last name.

    Ron Hunninghake, MD

    Chief Medical Officer, Riordan Clinic

    read bio
  • Care for the Provider - IVs and Injections

    The following services will be available for IVC Academy attendees. To schedule, please use the form below or call 800.447.7276 x321 and ask to speak with Olivia.

    15 g IV Vitamin C (incl. 1 mL Mg) TBD
    15 g IV Vitamin C+ (incl. 1 mL Mg) plus 1 mL B Complex             . TBD
    25 g IV Vitamin C (incl. 2 mL Mg) TBD
    25 g IV Vitamin C+ (incl. 2 mL Mg) plus 1 mL B Complex TBD
    50 g* IV Vitamin C (incl. 4 mL Mg) TBD
    IVC add on: Hydroxy B 12 TBD
    IVC add on: B Plex TBD
    IVC add on: Magnesium Chloride TBD
    B12 Injection: 1 mL TBD
    B12 Injection: 2 mL TBD
    Magnesium Sulfate Injection: 1 mL TBD
    Magnesium Sulfate Injection: 2 mL TBD
    B Complex Injection: 1 mL TBD


    * A physical copy of your G6PD results must be provided at the time of service to receive a 50 gm IVC. Digital copies will not be accepted. The Bio-Center Lab will be offering G6PD tests for a TBD price on Thursday and Friday only. Results will be available for the next day’s IV schedule.

  • Care for the Provider - Nutrient Testing

    The Bio-Center Laboratory will be on hand to provide lab services during the IVC Symposium. Dr. Riordan believed strongly in the importance of Nutrient Testing as a way to make definitive recommendations based on the data that it provides. Formed in 1975, the Bio-Center Laboratory was a pioneer in this field and remains one of the most reputable labs in the country.

    For the IVC Symposium, they are offering discounted pricing on some of their most popular panels. To schedule or ask more questions, please fill out the form below and one of their staff will reach out to you. The Bio-Center Laboratory can be reached at 800.494.7785.




    Mega TBD TBD *FEATURED* This is the most comprehensive panel. It includes all of the essential nutrients which must be included in our diets, i.e. those nutrients which cannot be manufactured within or by human biochemistry, plus health markers for hormone production, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and others. The Mega Panel provides a comprehensive view of your current health and biochemical individuality. This acts as a road map toward optimal health. More than 70 different blood-based laboratory measurements provided.
    Nutritional TBD TBD *FEATURED* Nutrient testing is at the core of what we do here at the Riordan Clinic. Because every person is biochemically unique we all have different nutritional needs based on hereditary factors, environment, diet, lifestyle choices and every stage of life. The Bio-Center Laboratory’s signature Nutritional Panel focuses on the direct measurement of nutrients and their clinical relevance in fighting or preventing disease. Results from the Nutrition Panelcan also help direct a daily nutrition and supplementation plan for your specific needs.
    Inflammation TBD TBD This panel focuses on items that may cause allergic reactions within the body plus an evaluation of various markers of inflammation.
    Brain Health TBD TBD The brain uses more nutrients than any other organ. Being informed about your nutrient levels may help you to reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s, memory loss, decreased cognitive skills, and strokes in the future!
    Heart Health TBD TBD Everyone knows that vascular disease, usually in the form of arteriosclerosis as it affects the heart and brain, is the number one cause of death in the United States. This Panel provides a comprehensive lineup of tests that measure the nutrient levels known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, and which also, when deficiencies, excesses, and imbalances are corrected, are of great value in healing. Beyond nutrient levels, the Heart Health Panel includes other risk factors such as homocysteine, lipid profile, lipoprotein (a), triglycerides, and CRP-hs.
    Methylation TBD TBD Methylation is involved in almost every bodily biochemical reaction and occurs billions of times every second in our cells.  This process is needed to keep cells in good ‘working condition.’  Your ability to drive the methylation pathway may be limited by a deficiency that can be found in the Methylation Panel.
    Energy TBD TBD See what nutrients will help boost your energy so you can do the things you need to do when you need to do them.
    Pre-Diabetic TBD TBD Starting to show signs of insulin resistance and blood sugar instability? This panel will help you monitor key pre-diabetic indicators.
    Prostate TBD TBD The Prostate Panel measures lycopene and other related nutrients which may reduce your prostate cancer risk.
    Breast Health TBD TBD The Breast Health Panel measures related nutrients which may reduce your breast cancer risk.
    G6PD (Available Friday only) TBD TBD Hemolysis has been reported in patients with G6PD deficiency when given high-dose IVC (Campbell, et al., 1975). The G6PD level should be assessed before beginning IVC. 
    *In order to receive an IV Vitamin C of more than 25 g, a valid G6PD is required. Either bring a printed copy with you (digital copies will not be accepted) or schedule to have the test completed on Friday. Results will be available for Saturday’s IV schedule.
    Post C TBD TBD Used to determine the oxidative burden for that patient so that subsequent IVCs can be optimally dosed.
    CRP TBD TBD Elevated CRP-hs is an early indicator of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. It is also called an acute-phase protein that increases dramatically under conditions of sepsis, inflammation, and infection and is often referred to as an “inflammation marker”.
    Pyrroles TBD TBD A urine test for diagnosis and monitoring severe physiological or psychological stress. Read more.


  • Exhibitors & Sponsors

    Thank you to our IVC Symposium sponsors! Please use the links below to visit their sites and inquire about their services.

    Exhibitor Information and Registration information will be released soon. For questions on becoming an exhibitor, please contact Erin Manning at emanning@riordanclinic.org.

  • Hotels and Travel

    We are looking forward to having you join us in Wichita, Kansas for the 2020 IVC Symposium. Wichita is a beautiful community full of entertainment, great dining, family activities, shopping, and more. You can find out more about all of these at VisitWichita.com.

    Wichitans are quite proud of our flag! You’ll see it displayed all around our community and beautiful murals have been painted on many downtown buildings integrating the basic components of the iconic design. The imagery for the 2019 IVC Academy actually features the bold contrast of shapes and colors! There are dedicated Instagram pages where people take pics of the flag all over the world and tag #WichitaFlag and #ILoveWichita. We’ll have flags on hand for you to take home and remember your time in our vibrant city!



    The 2020 IVC Symposium will be held at the Drury Plaza Broadview Hotel (400 W Douglas Avenue, Wichita, Kansas)

    Traveling to Wichita: 

    For those flying, the Eisenhower Airport (ICT) will be your destination. With a new terminal having been built and opened in 2015 it is now easier than ever to travel with many direct flights being offered from around the country. Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, American Airlines/American Eagle, Delta Air Lines/Delta Connection, Frontier, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines/United Express all have flights available to/from ICT.


    Renting a car is the best way to get the most out of your visit. Wichita is easy to navigate and although we have a larger population of about 400k the city is still designed well for commuter and residential traffic. If you are not wanting to rent a car, Wichita is serviced by both Uber and Lyft. We recommend these over local taxi companies. Both have designated pick up areas at the Eisenhower Airport. If you stay at the Drury Plaza Broadview, they do offer an airport shuttle. However, please be aware that many other hotels do not offer free airport shuttles so please check with them in advance if that is an amenity you require. They also do not provide shuttles to local businesses so it will be your responsibility to find transportation to/from the Symposium each day.

    Hotel Information:

    Drury Plaza Broadview
    400 W. Douglas Avenue
    Referral code: 329315

    Restaurants and Grocers

    Wichita is home to a growing number of restaurants and grocers who offer a wide variety of nutritionally based options. Gluten-free, vegan, paleo, keto, vegetarian, etc, diets can all be well accommodated while you are visiting. Lunch is served on Friday and Saturday at the clinic. Breakfast and dinners are on your own. View the list.



  • What Past Attendees Are Saying

    “Now I see that it was worth traveling 24 hours to come to this conference because what I hear here is telling me that I am thinking in the right direction. That you have to combine different modalities and Intravenous Vitamin C is the modality that is not developed enough in my part of the world. So I would like to be the agent of change in that respect.”    Jana Wahl, MD, MSc, MBA | Health Coach | Kamnik, Slovenia

    “I’m very fortunate to be… attending the Riordan Clinic conference. How Vitamin C is so beneficial to improve the health of our patients. From inflammation, from scurvy; whether it is by infection, or whether it is by cancer, whether it is by toxic overload. This is an excellent meeting and I encourage all physicians, and all care providers to attend this one.”  Paul Kotturan, MD | Deerfield Beach, Florida

    “It is really great to be able to listen to guys that have done this for years and be able to learn from their experiences. … If you’re interested in IV therapy, or just want to learn more about it for your patients, a great place to network and be with other people that are there.” James Warren, DC, APC | Tulsa, Oklahoma

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    For details on past events, please view the corresponding agenda for presentation titles and speaker information.

    • IVC Symposium (past events) Media Sets

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