June Vitamin Special: 15% OFF Fertility Supporters

Take this opportunity to stop by the Riordan Clinic Supplement Store and check out this amazing deal on fertility supporting supplements. This offer is valid through June 30th.

Vitamin Special
15% Off -Fertility Supporters

Flax Seed Oil Softgels
Regular: $11.50
Sale: $9.78
Ground Flax Seed                                                                                                                   Regular: $17.34                                                                                                                                            Sale: $14.74

Vitex (Chaste Tree)
Regular: $17.45
Sale: $14.83
Evening Primrose Oil
Regular: $11.01
Sale: $9.36
Pure Gest Progesterone Cream (strict doctor guidance!)
Regular: $20.95
Sale: $17.81
Zinc Citrate
Regular: $16.32
Sale: $13.87
Zinc Orotate
Regular: $12.55
Sale: $10.67