Measure to Manage – Know Your Nutrients

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Scan the symptom list and highlight any symptoms that relate to you. This is for your benefit to see if you have any nutrient deficiencies that you might be unaware of. Schedule a lab assessment for additional testing by calling 1-800-447-7276 x1385 or x1302.

Nutrient Deficiency

Identify Root Causes

Presenter: Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ron Hunninghake, MD

Date: Thursday, September 15, 2022 

Time: Noon to 1:00 pm CST

Where: In-person at the Wichita Riordan Clinic location and virtually on Facebook or YouTube

Cost: Lunch is provided if you register to attend in person at the Wichita Riordan Clinic. Donations to support our educational programs are welcome. Space is limited. Register early.

Registration: Registration is required for in-person only. Register below or call 316-927-4791.

“In my 30 years of practicing nutritional medicine, there is nothing I have discovered that is more important than understanding your own individual nutrient levels. This is a cornerstone in building a nutritional protocol, diet, and lifestyle that will strengthen and fuel your biochemistry,” – Dr. Ron Hunninghake, MD

Prevention is key. Be proactive and check your nutrient levels during the Riordan Clinic’s Check Your Health event this September. Appointments for lab draws are being taken now. The results will empower you with the knowledge to identify potential nutrient deficiencies and help prevent illness and chronic disease.

  • Did you know? The Riordan Clinic’s lab testing event, Check Your Health, turns 30 this year. 
  • Did you know? Nutrient deficiencies have been shown to suppress immune system function, which can lead to chronic disease.
  • Did you know? Participants in all five of this year’s lab profiles have access to one of Riordan Clinic’s providers to discuss their lab results as part of the cost of their profile.
  • Did you know? You can make appointments at any of the Riordan Clinic locations for your lab draw.

Call 1-800-447-7276 x1385 to schedule a lab draw appointment and receive a substantially discounted test rate. For more information about Check Your Health, click here.