Fresh Eyes on Healing: Discovering the Heart of Functional Medicine at Riordan Clinic

By Amber Ragland, Director of Marketing

As the newly appointed Director of Marketing at the Riordan Clinic, I embarked on this journey with a blend of
anticipation and curiosity. At first, I was cautiously intrigued, I had stepped into an environment rich with history and
commitment, a place where healing and health transcend traditional boundaries. It has been an enlightening journey,
unveiling layers of dedication, resilience, and a unique approach to healthcare that I feel compelled to share.

Functional medicine was a revelation to me. It’s a holistic approach that looks at the individual rather than just the
symptoms, a concept both simple and revolutionary. This journey of discovery has been personal; it has transformed not
just my understanding of health but also reshaped my daily habits. The way I think about food, sleep, exercise, and
overall wellness has undergone a complete overhaul. It’s like finding a new lens through which to view the world.
One of the most striking aspects of the Riordan Clinic is the palpable sense of resilience and teamwork. There’s a
collective spirit that permeates the halls. Whether it’s a challenging case or a community event, the staff come together,
bringing diverse expertise and a shared commitment to health. This unity isn’t just beneficial for patient care; it creates a
supportive and dynamic work environment.

Within this resilience is a deep current of kindness and friendship. I’ve seen staff go above and beyond, not just for
patients but for each other. These acts of kindness, often small and unheralded, are the glue that holds us together.
They create an atmosphere where patients feel cared for, not just medically but emotionally and spiritually.

At the helm of this remarkable team is Dr. Ron. His leadership style is a blend of inspiration and humility. He leads by
example, showing a rare ability to listen and make each individual—staff or patient—feel seen and heard. His approach
fosters an environment of respect and openness, crucial in a field that’s constantly evolving.

Joining the Riordan Clinic, I was plunged into a steep learning curve. Every day brought new insights into functional
medicine, patient care, and holistic health strategies. This rapid acquisition of knowledge was exhilarating, highlighting
the ever-evolving nature of healthcare and the need to remain perpetually curious and adaptable.

My initial perceptions of the healthcare industry have been profoundly altered. Dr. Riordan’s words, “Once you know,
you cannot unknow, and you are forever changed,” resonate deeply with me. This journey has been about unlearning
and relearning, a process both humbling and empowering. It has taught me the importance of viewing health through a
broader, more integrative lens.

These first months at the Riordan Clinic have been transformative. I’ve gained not just knowledge but a new perspective
on what it means to care for health—both our patients’ and our own. The clinic’s approach, rooted in functional
medicine, is more than a healthcare strategy; it’s a way of life, one that emphasizes the interconnectedness of all
aspects of health.

As I continue in my role, I am excited to share and market this vision. The stories of resilience, teamwork, and
breakthroughs in patient care are not just narratives; they are testaments to the clinic’s core values and its profound
impact on health and wellness.

Let’s celebrate our journey in functional medicine and continue to look at our work and lives through fresh, curious eyes.
Together, we can continue to evolve, learn, and transform lives—including our own. I encourage each of you, my
colleagues and readers, to share your stories and experiences. You can do that on our website at