What Real Health Means to Me

Author: Connie Porazka

I had the fortunate opportunity to work for Dr. Hugh Riordan 20 years ago. It was during this time I learned the essence of his definition of real health.

“Health is having the reserve to do what you want to do and need to do with energy and enthusiasm.”  Dr. Riordan

His approach to health has been my creed ever since.

Real health for me is built on three pillars: body, mind, and spirit. Keeping these three essential pillars in balance is my focus. As a certified Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, I have learned the importance of meditation and getting enough rest for my overall wellbeing. It is also how I manage my own mental health condition.

Dr. Riordan also taught me the importance nutrition plays in maintaining good health.  I am attentive to eating well.  I’ve learned that if I neglect my diet, all of me suffers.

In my view, The Riordan Clinic is a pioneer in the areas of well-being and good health.  There is so much we can learn through their 40 plus years of dedication to keeping us all healthy.


This Article was referenced in the the July 2018 Health Hunter .