Book Review: “Eat Fat, Get Thin” by Dr. Mark Hyman

Written by Dr. Ron Hunninghake, Chief Medical Officer

Book Review: “Eat Fat, Get Thin” by Dr. Mark Hyman

“Eat Fat, Get Thin,” a book by Dr. Mark Hyman, discusses why the fat we eat is the key to sustained weight loss and vibrant health. Dr. Hyman is a premiere Functional Medicine doctor, author, and speaker in the United States.30db01503b3eeb035a2cded316d5ef7a

A victim of chronic fatigue, obesity, depression, and mercury toxicity, Dr. Hyman fought his way back to better health by utilizing the same principles of Real Health that we use here at the Riordan Clinic.

Dr. Hyman rediscovered whole (real!) foods. These foods naturally contain healthy fats.  If you could ask any farmer around the end of World War II, they would have told  you that on their farms they ate a lot of healthy fat… and lived long and well.

What happened? The advent of chemical farming with heavy use of hybrids, herbicides/pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and genetic modification. This resulted in a massive change in the quality of human food consumption.

Tragically, scientific arrogance led to the incorrect interpretation of data regarding cholesterol and saturated fats. Fears surrounding the rapid rise in heart attack deaths resulted in a huge low fat, low cholesterol movement spearheaded by the U.S. government. Drug companies developed highly profitable cholesterol lowering agents. Sugar replaced fats in the modern diet.  A perfect storm of insulin resistance, fat-inducing psychotropic drugs, nutrient-depleted foods, and high levels of toxicity and stress triggered a massive rise of obesity in western civilization.

Science is now acknowledging its error. But millions still suffer the physical and psychological consequences of these giant errors. What is the solution?

Eat Fat, Get Thin! Eat real, clean, healthy fats as part of whole foods, low refined carbs plan, in the context of rational exercise and healthy supplements. In the book, Dr. Hyman explains these principles, gives you examples, and shows you how.

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