What Motivates Change?

By Karen Wheeler, APRN

Why is it that humans have such a hard time changing habits? Why do we wait until a crisis before taking action? Perhaps it is because it is just easier to ignore our bad habits until something bad happens to get us to see that our lifestyle choices may not be the best ones for us. It goes back to the change theory that I presented in the February Health Hunter. A person won’t change until they recognize that there is a problem that needs addressed.

Getting a diagnosis of a potentially lethal illness is a strong motivator for change! Often a serious health threat means that a person needs to tackle several changes at the same time all while trying to not get totally stressed out! Often I have had patients tell me that they cannot do all of this because it is just too overwhelming!

Some illnesses like cancer require a “change everything now” kind of approach. Some other health conditions might be able to tolerate slower steps towards better habits. But every dis-ease means that your body is not happy with something and it will require attention to get it back working right.shutterstock_283342055

I would like for you to consider that it would be a better choice to not wait until the crisis hits to take those steps towards finding better health. Start now to eat more colorful, non-starchy vegetables a day – preferably organic so you avoid chemicals. Get a nice mix of raw seeds and nuts, lean protein and healthy fats into your diet. Any food that has a label is at risk for having food additives which our bodies are not designed to deal with. Limit sugars and starches because those are inflammatory and are at the root of many of our chronic health conditions. Remember to drink about half your body weight in clean water every day but stay away from bottled water which can have plastics leached into it. Maybe get a water filtration system. Pay attention to the chemicals in your cleaning and hygiene products. Start now to walk more every day – the recommended 10,000 steps can be measured with a pedometer or Fitbit. Try to learn to relax more – play more!

I am not saying that it is easy! Old habits die hard! But better for the old habits to die than YOU! Find a motiving factor to get you started – getting healthy for your partner, your kids, or your grandkids. Maybe a vacation that you have always wanted to take but didn’t think you could ever manage in your current health condition. To have less pain and more energy is a great reason to get started on a healthy life!

Life is full of choices! I just want you to make good ones! Come see us here at the Riordan Clinic to learn more about the root causes of your health conditions and how we can help you achieve Real Health!