Patient Profile: 21 Day Detox

by Pam Olberding, CMA

The 21 Day Detox class has wonderful benefits, such as improved energy, better sleep, weight loss, mental clarity, improved digestion, and healthier skin, as well as giving your liver a vacation.

detox dietRecently one of our co-learners came in wanting help with digestive issues and arthritis pain. She is a beautiful person, a dancer and is performing at an upcoming WSU event. She is in her 50’s and had actually started a similar program earlier this year, but had to stop when her mother became ill and passed away too soon. She came to Riordan Clinic to start the program again.

I’m happy to say that after the 3 weeks were completed, she stated that she is having less inflammation and better energy to keep up with her very busy lifestyle. As part of the program, she was taking the Liver Cleanse supplement twice a day; this helps to slow down phase 1 of the liver so that phase 2 can catch up. She also took a B Complex supplement daily. Every week she was given a B12 injection and used the Mediclear SGS shakes as part of the protocol for the program. She did not have a lot of weight to lose, but still lost 10 pounds as a result, and is very happy with the outcome!

Toxins are all around us and reducing toxins in our bodies helps us to continue to live productive lives. To find out how toxic your surrounding environment is and why it is so important to detox, visit Type in your zip code to see how your county rates. Your liver will thank you!

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