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Each year chemical companies in the United States release over 7.1 billion pounds of 650 different chemical pollutants into the atmosphere and water. Our bodies were not designed to handle such an incredible load of toxins. Almost everyone can benefit from a detoxification program; it is the first step to clearing toxins in your body, feeling better and reducing your risk of illness. Join us on the path to a better, healthier way of eating and a higher quality of life.


21-Day Detox

Let us guide you through the Riordan Clinic 21-Day Detox. It is a trusted, science-based detox program that our medical staff has experienced firsthand. It is doctor supervised, involves no fasting, and includes weekly supplements.


Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy, or heavy metals detoxification, is used primarily to eliminate heavy metals, like mercury or lead, from the body. Heavy metals play a part in accelerating the aging process and in coronary artery disease. The active ingredient in the Riordan Clinic chelation program is EDTA, a power antioxidant, which is delivered intravenously. This therapy is primarily appropriate for patients who have a diagnosis of heavy metals in their blood, a family history of heavy metal toxicity issues, or have coronary artery disease.


Detoxification Benefits

  • Improved Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Mental Clarity
  • Better Digestion
  • Improved circulation
  • Healthy Skin
  • Lessened symptoms of other related chronic illness

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Meet Your Team

Ron Hunninghake, MD

Chief Medical Officer

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Jennifer Mead, ND

Wichita Campus

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Ourania Stephanopoulos-Chichura, MD

Overland Park Campus

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Before Heavy Metal Detoxification I felt like I couldn’t wake up mentally.

"Before Heavy Metal Detoxification I felt like I couldn’t wake up mentally. I had poor short term and long term memory, which I feel now has greatly improved in both areas. My hands and feet feel warmer now. My dentist has seen good improvement in my receding gums. I have noticed less joint pain and better flexibility. My overall fatigue has improved. I have better skin color. I feel better when I wake up in the morning. Mental function has also improved.”

- Roland R. | Chelation Therapy

I believe Heavy Metal Detoxification could be the extra boost I needed

"Heavy Metal Detoxification has been like a ‘LIGHT HOUSE’ in a storm. Before Heavy Metal Detoxification I could only work for 2-3 hours in my shop. Now, I’ve been able to work for 6-8 hours. I feel good! My lifelong dream has been to achieve a license as a ‘Sports Pilot.’ I have a ground to air test left and I will have achieved that goal. I believe Heavy Metal Detoxification could be the extra boost I needed to do this. I can highly recommend it from my own experience."

- Duane L. | Heavy Metal Detoxification

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