Effects of a High Molecular Mass Convolvulus Arvensis Extract on Tumor Growth and Angiogenesis

By examining plant extracts and other biological response modifiers, our laboratory identified promising new candidate anti-cancer agents. Plant materials represent promising sources of anti-cancer agents. We developed and tested a novel extract from the ubiquitous plant Convolvulus arvensis. The extract’s biological activity was assessed by measuring its effects on S-180 fibrosarcoma growth in Kun Ming mice and on heparin-induced angiogenesis in chick embryos. We also examined the extract’s effects on

lymphocytes ex vivo and tumor cell growth in vitro. The extract (primarily proteins and polysaccharides) inhibited tumor growth in a dose dependent fashion when administered orally. At the highest dose tested, 200 mg/kg/day, tumor growth was inhibited by roughly seventy percent. Subcutaneous or intraperitoneal administration at 50 mg/kg/day also inhibited tumor growth by over seventy percent.

The extract’s acute LD, in Kun Ming mice was 500 mg/day when injected, indicating that tumor growth inhibition occurred at non-toxic doses. It inhibited angiogenesis in chick embryos, improved lymphocyte survival ex vivo, and enhanced yeast phagocytosis, but did not kill tumor cells in culture.


Examples of heparin induced vessel growth on chick CAM in the presence or absence of extract are given in Figure 1. In the absence of extract, neo-vascularization is indicated by the high vessel density, and the directional growth of small vessels toward the heparin disc. In contrast, vessel growth on the CAM was much less extensive when the heparin containing disc was impregnated with 200 mgldisc of the high molecular mass.

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The study was published in journal:

  • Effects of a high molecular mass convolvulus arvensis extract on tumor growth and angiogenesis. Meng X, Riordan N, Casciari J, Zhu Y, Zhong J, Gonzalez M, Miranda-Massari J, Riordan H. Puero Rico Health Sciences Journal, 2002, 21(4):323-32

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