Metabolic Scoring Profile

Metabolic scoring is the method we have implemented to track and prevent the progression of Metabolic Syndrome and other complications. Calculation of the metabolic score is based on subjective data about symptoms and severity gathered from the patient, and a comprehensive record of objective measurements such as weight, blood pressure, waist circumference, and lab results, etc. The goal is to continually maintain (if you are already in good health) or improve your score at each visit.

To effectively prevent Metabolic Syndrome, you must first become aware of your risk factors and then track their progression over time. Annual Metabolic Scoring and episodic medical care will increase your awareness, your motivation, and your ongoing success. By implementing better lifestyle choices and adopting a model of self-care, you can successfully stave off the slow, but dire consequences of Metabolic Syndrome.


Tests Included:

    • CBC
    • Chem Profile
    • Lipid Profile:
      • Cholesterol
      • Triglycerides
      • HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein)
      • LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein)
      • VLDL (Very Low-Density Lipoprotein)
      • Cholesterol to HDL Ratio
      • LDL to HDL Ratio
    • Insulin
    • C-Reactive Protein (CRP-hs)
    • Reverse T3
    • Ferritin
    • Vitamin D

Profile specific instructions for lab draw:

    • This profile requires a 10 to 12-hour fast.
    • Do not take thyroid before your draw (you can take it right after).
    • Drink plenty of water the day before and leading up to the lab draw.
    • Additional instructions may be provided upon ordering/scheduling.


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