Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the list of our most frequently asked Riordan Clinic Questions. If you have a question you’d like answered and can’t find it in the list, please feel free to call us: 316-682-3100 or contact us.

About our Wichita Campus

  • How big is this place?

    Our Wichita campus resides in 8 domes totaling 40,000 square feet. The facility occupies 4 acres. The entire Wichita campus is 90+ acres.

  • How many people work at the Riordan Clinic?

    There are approximately 40 full-time, on-site personnel between the two campuses (Wichita and Overland Park). In addition, we have part-time, contract, consulting, and volunteer staff who add to our capacity to accomplish so much.

  • Why did you build such strange-looking buildings?

    The geodesic domes, conceived by Buckminster Fuller, are very strong, energy efficient, and require no internal support. This allows for a maximum use of space. Although we all are more used to buildings that are rectangular in shape, no right angles are found anywhere in nature. Wind tunnel studies showed that if the facility was being approached by a small tornado, it would lift up over the structures because of their shape.

  • Why didn’t you just build one big building?

    Large buildings, such as government builds throughout the world, are designed in part to make individuals feel less significant in comparison. Here we wanted to maintain the human dimension so that people do not feel overwhelmed.

  • Why does your driveway curve so much instead of being straight?

    Although it would have been cheaper to build a straight road, our goal was to help people slow down and, as our signs say, de-stress to 25 mph.