Class Series: Food As Medicine

There are a lot of questions in today’s world about what to eat, how to eat and why. This in-depth class series will connect the dots and address some fundamental questions behind how our diet impacts our health and well-being and how it contributes to the progression of chronic disease.

Each class is designed to be a “stand-alone” so if you are only able to attend some and not all of them, please don’t hesitate to do so. The four classes together will give you the most robust understanding but each individual one is still incredibly valuable in helping you to make vital decisions as you move forward in your journey of REAL HEALTH.

Presented by: Dr. Anne Zauderer

See Dates Below | 11:30 am – 1:00 pm CST | Wichita | Free


Food 101: Nutrition Basics | Next class: June 5th (will not be recorded)

This class will explore the basics of diet and nutrition from a functional medicine perspective. This is an essential piece to understand how your body uses a variety of foods, differently. Some of the topics we will look at are: the differences between a fat, carbohydrate, and protein and how each fit into our dietary needs; why we need fiber (from plants) in our diet; what exactly is metabolism and what can we do to support it; and much more!

Watch the February 6th recording on YouTube

Food Additives to Avoid | Next class: July 3rd (will not be recorded)

Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on a packaged food and not recognized half of them? Are all of those ingredients harmful? As food has become more of a science, new ingredients are invented and used every year. In addition, herbicides and pesticides are being sprayed on our food at an ever-increasing rate. This class will delve into the additives that the food industry has developed in an effort to market and sell more processed food to us.

Watch the March 6th recording on YouTube

Vitamins and Nutrients in Food | Next class: August 7th (will not be recorded)

Most people have heard the term “superfood.” This is a food that has great nutritional value. What makes these foods so great? What types of nutrients are in these foods and what do those nutrients do for our bodies? In addition, there are foods like sugar that, in addition to making us gain fat and dysregulating our blood sugar, actually rob the body of these essential nutrients. In this class, we will discuss the best foods to eat for the maximum nutritional value.

Watch the April 3rd recording on YouTube

Food as Medicine | May 1st and September 4th

This in-depth course will connect all of the classes in the series and address some fundamental questions behind how our diet impacts our health and well-being and how it contributes to the progression of chronic disease.

Only the May 1st class will be recorded

Register to attend:

These classes will be held in the classroom (Pan Room) on our Wichita Campus. RSVP using the form below if you will be attending in person and check in with Dome 1 when you arrive. If you have any trouble with the form below, need to cancel your RSVP, or have any questions, please give us a call at 316.682.3100.

All four classes are free and open to the public (invite a friend!). There is an option to purchase a textbook which Dr. Anne wrote and compliments the classes nicely. If you would like to purchase the text ($10), stop by Dome 1 before the class begins so that you will be able to take notes as you progress through the material.

Not able to attend one of the sessions in person?

Each of these four classes will be recorded and streamed live* to the Riordan Clinic YouTube channel. No need to RSVP if you are going to stream via the internet. After the end of the class, the video will remain on the YouTube playlist and will be available to watch or share at your convenience. A previous session of the longer “Food as Medicine” class presented in 2018 was recorded and is available to watch on our YouTube channel: view here.

*The classes will be streamed live from our Wichita, Kansas office which is Central Standard Time. If you can’t make it during the live stream it will be available for playback later that afternoon.

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