Quiz: Discover Your Stress Reduction Strategy


Answer the following questions to uncover your ideal approach to reducing stress and harmonizing your biorhythms. Keep track of your answers and match them to the key at the end to discover what works best for you across generations!



  1. What’s your go-to method for unwinding after a long day?

          A) Reading a book or listening to music

          B) Going for a walk or doing some physical activity

          C) Meditating or practicing deep breathing exercises

          D) Planning out my next day to avoid stress


  1. How do you prefer to start your mornings?

          A) With a cup of coffee and the news

         B) By getting some sunlight and fresh air

         C) With a short meditation or mindfulness exercise

         D) Checking my to-do list for the day


  1. When feeling overwhelmed, you:

          A) Talk to a friend or family member about it

          B) Dive into a hobby or physical activity

          C) Focus on breathing or take a quick meditation break

          D) Organize your thoughts and tasks to tackle them one by one


  1. Your ideal holiday season involves:

          A) Time spent with loved ones, sharing stories and laughs

          B) Outdoor activities and exploring new places

          C) Peaceful moments alone to reflect and relax

          D) A well-planned schedule to enjoy festivities stress-free


  1. When considering your health, you believe:

          A) Emotional well-being is just as important as physical health

          B) Regular exercise is key to managing stress

          C) Mindfulness and meditation can transform your stress levels

          D) A structured routine and planning are essential



Mostly A’s: Emotional Connection & Creative Outlets – You find stress relief in connecting with others and engaging in creative activities. Prioritize time for emotional expression and hobbies.


Mostly B’s: Physical Activity & Nature – For you, moving your body and spending time outdoors are the best stress busters. Incorporate regular exercise and nature walks into your routine.


Mostly C’s: Mindfulness & Meditation – You thrive on inner peace achieved through mindfulness practices. Focus on meditation, deep breathing, or yoga to reduce stress.


Mostly D’s: Organization & Planning – Planning ahead and organizing your life helps you mitigate stress. Use tools and strategies to keep your days structured and predictable.



Whatever your results, remember that blending various strategies can offer the most comprehensive approach to managing stress and enhancing your biorhythms. Explore different methods and find what best suits your lifestyle and preferences!