What is UBI?

UBI – Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation – helps boost the immune system by exposing blood to ultraviolet light. In this procedure, 60 CCs of blood are withdrawn through an IV, injected into a bag of sterile saline, and then run through a device that exposes the blood to selected frequencies of ultraviolet light that kill foreign organisms (viruses, bacteria, and fungus) and reduce general inflammation. After the blood has been exposed to ultraviolet light, it is returned to a patient’s bloodstream. Medical-grade ozone is also often included in the treatment.

Benefits of the procedure include greater oxygenation, increased immune response and pain tolerance toward radiation or chemotherapy, stimulation of the production of red blood cells, and improved blood flow and cardiovascular function. At the Riordan Clinic, UBI treatments may be used for patients with cancer, chronic acute infections, chronic fatigue, and autoimmune diseases, among others. For more information about UBI, visit https://riordanclinic.org/what-we-do/ultraviolet-blood-irradiation/.