Your physiological age may be different than your chronological age

The first step to aging well is knowing how well you are aging. You may be 50 years old, but your PhysioAge could be 40 — or well over 60!

Depending on lifestyle, genetics, and many other factors, your physiological age may be significantly higher or lower than your chronological age. The Physioage program measures how well you are really aging.

By comparing your body’s indicators with those of healthy peers, PhysioAge can help you determine what therapies may help slow or sometimes even reverse the aging process. Over time, it shows how well these therapies are working.

PhysioAge is based on years of solid scientific research. And is at the cutting edge of the growing medical subspecialty of anti-aging. Designed in accordance with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine objectives, PhysioAge helps patients and their healthcare providers optimize the human aging process, so they can live healthier at every age.

The Next-Generation Physical Exam

PhysioAge begins with a sophisticated physical exam performed by your healthcare provider with specialized high-tech equipment. It includes up to 15 test suites—many of which are newly-developed or perfected tests you may not have had before.

The results give your physiological age in six important systems in your body – heart, skin, lungs, brain, DNA, and immune system – as well as a report card on lab values and many other important measures of health.
Unlike traditional sick-based medicine, the PhysioAge next-generation physical is proactive. It not only shows where disease is now but also where there is potential for it to develop in the future. You’ll find out now while you still have time to do something about it.

Your PhysioAge is a weighted average of these biomarkers of aging:

CardioAge®Arterial Stiffness
Evaluates cardiovascular risk by measuring blood pressure at the heart to determine the suppleness of your arteries.

CutoAge®Skin Elasticity
Assesses the elasticity, firmness, and resistance of the skin with the same instrument used in numerous clinical trials for skin care products.

PulmoAge®Lung Function
Measures lung function, which is linked to many fatal diseases, not just lung disease.

NeuroAge® Brain Function
Assesses brain aging through a series of computerized tests focused on age-sensitive aspects of cognitive function.

TelomerAge®Telomere Length
Measures telomere lengths – caps at the ends of your DNA that shorten with every cell division – to indicate how fast your cells are aging.

ImmunoAge®Immune Function
Uses an advanced blood test to measure the strength of your immune system.

What’s your PhysioAge?

Your PhysioAge is an average of six biomarkers that can reliably and accurately measure the human body’s aging process. A higher number means you’re aging faster than your healthy peers. A lower number means you’re aging better.

Your personal dashboard

Traditional physicals often fail to deliver contextual data about your aging. PhysioAge includes a web-based dashboard that consolidates biomarkers, labs, and other results in one place to help you and your provider better understand your health and track it over time.

You can browse your results, review treatment recommendations, and download a full PDF report in your secure Patient Portal from any device.

Your unique aging plan

With the results of your PhysioAge analysis in hand, you and your provider can develop your own personal aging plan and focus on the precise organ systems that are most at risk.

It could be your arteries that need preventive therapy to maintain their suppleness. Or your lung function may indicate the need for cardiovascular exercise. Your provider will advise you on the treatments most appropriate for you based on your individual results, including hormone therapy, nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, and more.

Ongoing monitoring

Your provider may recommend periodic PhysioAge exams so you can monitor your aging process more effectively and determine the appropriate actions to take. Our online dashboard makes it easy to see your progress by tracking all of your results over time in one place.

You’ll feel better

The best thing about PhysioAge is that you will simply feel better. A proactive approach to health and aging will have obvious benefits. You will be fighting against future disease and enjoying a healthier aging process.


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