Dr. Tims on the Chris Beat Cancer Podcast

Dr. Lucas Tims recently sat down with Chris Wark of Chris Beat Cancer. In this podcast interview, they discuss the pros and cons of traditional cancer treatment, natural approaches to cancer, and integrating natural and conventional medicine to give the patient the best care possible.

Dr. Tims also discusses the mechanisms and benefits of IV vitamin C for cancer care and explains other therapies such as mistletoe and ozone.

Here are just a few of many highlights:
“We’re still actually learning new mechanisms of action from IV vitamin C. It’s great. The old justification, from a mechanistic standpoint, was that if you reach a certain millimolar concentration of Vitamin C in the blood (which you can only do intravenously, you can’t do orally), then you get this rapid generation of hydrogen peroxide in the bloodstream, which, again, acts almost like selective chemotherapy towards cancer cells.”

“I think you could always make a case for using mistletoe with active cancer. There are lots of these immunotherapy drugs that are out now. But mistletoe was kind of the old school immune therapy. And it just increases the immune system’s capacity to deal with cancer on its own.”

“Anytime you have disease, you have a lack of oxygen. Ozone is a super oxygenator. It oxygenates tissues. If you can get it into the right tissue where there’s a lack of oxygen, you can change that whole landscape.”

“The nice thing about IV vitamin C is it’s a little more agnostic … Yes, it has specific mechanisms that help to block cancer cell growth and rehab those cancer stem cells. But it’s almost like it’s an extinguisher for any sort of fire in the body, too.”

“Stress comes up a ton. Of course, a lot of talk with diet. But sometimes there’s more talk about emotional toxicities – loss of loved ones, grieving, and things that weren’t worked through on that side of things as well. There’s even literature on this. There’s a high probability that within 18 months of a cancer diagnosis, there was some sort of emotional or physical trauma that happened. That’s part of my initial interview with my patients, trying to understand that piece of it too.”

You can catch the full video interview on our website at riordanclinic.org/video-gallery or our Youtube channel under “Riordan Clinic in the Media.”