Introducing, Our Brand New Discovery Program

A more flexible and affordable way to become a patient at Riordan Clinic

For more than a year, we have been enrolling potential patients into our Essential and Advanced New Patient Programs. After speaking with many co-learners, we saw a need to create a new entry point that was focused on sustaining wellness and targeting patient-specific needs through the lab profile. Thus, the Discovery Program was born.

The Discovery Program is for people who want to maintain excellent health and make proactive decisions before illness arises. The program is also appropriate for people seeking natural, less invasive solutions for health concerns that have already developed.

The Discovery Program enables more people to pursue the path toward “Real Health.” It offers more flexibility with laboratory testing and special pricing for the first lab profile as a new patient.

What makes the Discovery Program different?

The discovery program offers more flexibility in lab testing than our Essential and Advanced programs. Instead of the full Real Health Discovery lab panel that is part of our other programs, your provider may recommend a smaller lab panel that aligns with your specific wellness goals. New patients receive special pricing on their first panel.

What is included in the Discovery Program?

The Discovery Program includes an initial visit, and one follow up appointment with a medical provider.

During your initial visit, your doctor will talk with you to learn what your long term health goals are. Together, you will review your health history, any diagnosis information that you have received, and look at your health from a whole-person mindset.

You will discuss how lifestyle changes, proper nutrition, and daily supplementation will help you reach your long term goals. IV and clinic services may also be suggested as part of your ongoing wellness plan. In addition, the Riordan Clinic offers a wide variety of educational resources that are at your full disposal. This yields a highly customized holistic treatment plan that will put you on the path to better and sustained health.


What is the cost of the Discovery Program?

The Discovery Program cost is $600, plus the cost of the lab profile(s).

After meeting with your doctor and discussing your individual health needs, additional labs, clinic therapies or services, and supplements may be recommended and are an additional cost to the program.

Who can benefit from the Discovery Program?

If you want direction on implementing a more holistic lifestyle, maintaining wellness, preventing disease, or addressing a current illness or diagnosis then you will benefit from the Discovery Program. Here are a few examples of concerns appropriate for the Discovery Program:

Anxiety and Depression Mental Health and Wellness Inflammation
Thyroid or Hormone Disorders Asthma Insomnia or Sleeping Issues
Environmental and Seasonal Allergies Autoimmune Disorders Infertility and Pre-Conception
Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes Heart Health Strengthened Immune System
Breast or Prostate Health Vision and Eye Health Psoriasis and Skin Issues
Methylation Establishing a Baseline of Wellness Optimal Aging
Weight Loss And more…

*Complicated or chronic cases may need to utilize the Essential or Advanced Program for best results.

We are happy to help you schedule your first appointment and answer any questions that you might have. Our New Patient Coordinator will help you decide which program will best prepare you for success, and determine if you are a good candidate for the Discovery Program.

Take the first step toward better health. Schedule your appointment today!


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