An Exciting Year Ahead

Our founder, Dr. Hugh Riordan, often asked himself, “Have we been useful?” when assessing the activities of the Riordan Clinic. As we enter our 45th year of existence, I am pleased to report that the mission with which Dr. Riordan founded the clinic is prevalent now more than ever. In 2020 we have plans to expand the reach of our education programs and research studies to pursue new ways to help our co-learners and community.

Several exciting projects are slated as priorities for 2020. We’d love your support in helping to make these goals accessible.

  1. Groundbreaking research using continuous IV Vitamin C in the treatment of Cancer.
  2. Launching the Real Health Podcast with a goal to air in March on all major streaming platforms.
  3. In September we welcomed Gael Wheeler, D.O. to the Overland Park team. We are also planning to add another doctor in the Wichita clinic as a full-time provider in early 2020.
  4. The continuation of the Health Hunters newsletter, monthly lectures, and other education programs that reach tens of thousands of people each month, most of which are offered at no charge.

IVC Research: Developing The Next Generation of Vitamin C Infusions

A primary focus of the Riordan Clinic is on using high dose intravenous Vitamin C (IVC) to treat a wide variety of conditions.

An innovative therapy is being developed at the Riordan Clinic for patients who have cancer. It utilizes a regimen of a continuous infusion of Vitamin C combined with intermittent (bolus) infusions. Continuous infusion is delivered into the bloodstream at a slow, steady rate by a small, lightweight pump. The theory behind the research is that the combination of high and medium dosages will improve the effectiveness of treatment with the suppression of tumor cells.

If the initial research is an indicator, the proposed treatment schedule can prevent the development of the resistance of tumor cells which can occur as a result of intermittent treatments.


As a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization, support from our donors plays an integral role in Riordan Clinic’s mission to provide access to information through research and education programs. Donations fund our monthly Health Hunters newsletter, lectures and classes, research projects, and more. We are thankful for your support in offsetting the cost of these initiatives. Together we are positively affecting the health of people worldwide.

Because we run on a lean profit model, we also have a couple of capital campaign needs that we are asking for help with funding.

Our Bio-Center Laboratory has a need for a new Selectra Pro XS machine that allows us to run a handful of our most utilized tests. G6PD, Vitamin B6, Lipid Profiles, CRP High-Sensitivity, and Hemoglobin A1-C all run on this machine.

The full replacement cost is $30,000. If you’ve found nutritional testing to be beneficial in your personal Real Health journey, can you partner with us by earmarking a donation for this need?

As we enter our 45th year we know that the mission of spreading health, hope, and healing is more important than ever. And as the world changes and progresses, we must also grow and adapt in order to reach more people. Podcasts have become one of the most utilized tools in learning new information. Did you know that 32% of Americans have listened to a podcast within the past month?

Simply put – a podcast focusing on educating the general population about Real Health can impact farther and faster than anything we are doing today.

In order to launch a weekly podcast we will need to secure funding for equipment, training, technical support, and promotion. We have several of the pieces in place, but we need your help. Before we can begin, we need to have $7,500 in initial funding in place to support start-up costs and the first few months of programming. We estimate the ongoing cost per episode to be near $500 plus employee time/effort. The recording studio will also be equipped for video as well.

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“From treating root causes and not just symptoms, to using food as medicine, to treating the whole patient, I believe the Riordan Clinic approach to be the most effective way to generate health.” – Kase

“I found Riordan Clinic when I googled ‘where to go when no one can figure out what’s wrong with you’. Best money I ever spent. Riordan Clinic is recognized worldwide for practicing 21st Century medicine.” – Sharon

“At age 67, I found myself going downhill energy wise. Go to bed tired, get up tired. My doctor wanted me on a statin for high cholesterol and kept saying I was sick because of my sleep apnea. Started treatment at Riordan Clinic when tests showed my levels needed attention. No Vitamin C in my body, and low magnesium. Now 3 months into tests of IV Vitamin C and supplements, I am back on track with energy.” – Pam

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