What Real Health Means to Me

Author: Evie Zauderer, 5th grade

My mom has always had us eat healthy. For a long time I did not understand why it was such a big deal. The older I’ve gotten the more I understand. Health to me is about eating and doing what is best for your body rather than doing it just because you have to.

I always see my friends eating foods like Doritos®, Cheetos®, and Fruit Roll-Ups®. I am always tempted to have these things, but I end up remembering what my mom says. These things can usually make your body more hungry. There are foods that fuel your body with nutrients and help you grow, and these are not some of them.

I usually use the color of foods to see how healthy they are. For instance, vegetables that are green have a lot more nutrients than others. But all vegetables are still healthier that snack foods high in sugar. Another good step to being healthy is to exercise, which can be fun. I love to exercise.

Most of the time my mom says, “No, you can’t have desert,” but I think that is because we didn’t fill up on enough healthy foods that day. We should look back on what we have eaten in that day and see what was heathy, and if we didn’t have enough, eat those foods instead of dessert.

So in conclusion, health is eating nutritious foods and exercising because it is what is best for your body.