What Real Health Means to Me – Amanda

Author: Amanda Lee, NCMA, AAS

This time of year it seems almost everyone is getting sick. Whether it is allergies or the dramatic change in weather, we all know someone who is suffering, young and old alike. Certainly, no one wants to see children suffer from health problems. How can this be prevented? By simply knowing what can help boost our children’s immunity.

As a mother, one of the last things I would wish for my young children is sickness. I have mapped out a routine for my children which has helped keep them from getting most of today’s common illnesses. Even at the first sign of the common cold, my oldest will drink her “Magic Juice,” which is simply Sufficient-C (a high-potency vitamin C powder). Between that and her vitamin ritual, I can proudly say that she is the only one in her group who did not get the flu this past winter! My youngest is just an infant, but she too has a routine with vitamins to help her immune system. She, like her older sister, did not contract the flu either! Talk about a big win for this momma!

Another great healthy concept, that I try to stick to on a daily basis for my children, is frequent activity. Rain or shine we are always moving, getting outside, or going to the gym together. If there is one thing my children love, it is being outside and breathing the fresh air.

If it weren’t for my children taking their vitamins on schedule, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy playtime, or even watch them thrive with radiant health. In a world full of chronic illnesses, I look toward giving my growing family those things that will prevent disease rather than just treat symptoms.

So what is Real Health to me? Real Health is family health!

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