Vitamin C and Chemotherapy in the News

shutterstock_94074160You may have noticed lately that intravenous vitamin C (IVC) and its effectiveness as a complementary treatment to chemotherapy are in the news in a big way lately:

Fox News

All of this talk stems from a journal article in Science and Translational Medicine about a research study by a group of doctors from the University of Kansas (Departments of Pharmacology, Integrative Medicine and Gynecologic Oncology) and the National Institutes of Health. The article suggests that vitamin C, when used with chemotherapy, boosts its cancer-killing effect and reduces its associated toxicity.

Intravenous Vitamin C

Intravenous Vitamin C is complementary to chemotherapy and boosts the cancer-killing effect of chemotherapy.

We are so happy to see this research being reported by the mainstream media, and so proud to see that it originates from our home state of Kansas.  (Of course, it’s not the first study of its kind. One of the first studies that demonstrated the effect of vitamin C on the suppression of tumor cells was published in 1995 at Riordan Clinic’s research institute by Neil Riordan.) Many may not realize it, but one of the authors of the most recent research article, Jeanne Drisko, Professor and Director of Integrative Medicine at KU Medical Center, did her training on intravenous vitamin C at Riordan Clinic and another, Qi Chen, has spoken at our IVC and Cancer Symposium.

On the basis of its potential benefit and minimal toxicity, it seems that the examination of IVC and chemotherapy is justified in larger clinical trials.

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