Nutritional Support for Anxiety and Stress: A Patient Profile

by Chris Brannon, RN


Having severe stress and anxiety can be more than just an obstacle to overcome; they can be completely overwhelming and interfere with your everyday life. Would you want to be in a dormant lifestyle, avoiding social situations and daily activities, or live life to its fullest?

One of our patients chose to conquer her fears and not allow stress and anxiety to control her.
This patient, a 51 year old female, came to our clinic to seek advice and expertise from our doctors. After extensive nutrient testing and listening to the patient to get to the roots of certain stressors, a plan of action was chosen. The plan incorporated several supplements, including NiaPlex, Niacinamide, 5-HTP, hormone replacement therapy, as well as IV vitamin C (Mini Myers IV twice a week).

Patient Profile-resizeIn just a month’s time, the patient is now able to take part in social situations and not get overwhelmed and accomplish daily activities without feeling overworked. She is now also able to drive a vehicle again and not feel as though she is an unstable driver. Getting her life back into balance has helped this patient take control and live an active life!

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