In Gratitude

As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on many to make our vision a reality. So many come together to provide our patients with a place of hope, health and happiness. Here are just a few we’d like to thank.

  • All individuals and groups who have donated to our cause through financial support
  • Hugo Galindo, MD, from Columbia; Harue Suzuki, MD, from Kyoto, Japan; and Christina Joy Mackie, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Tempe, AZ for continuing education through our Professional and Student Fellowship Programs
  •  Mary Kariuki and WSU Rhatigan Student Center Committee for room rental.
  •  Our patients, co-learners, and staff who spread the good word about the clinic:

 “It’s a miracle…People can recover—I’ve seen it…We give a lot of the credit to Dr. Ron and the Riordan Clinic for curing [Pete’s] aplastic anemia. He gets a blood work up every 6 months from the Riordan Clinic now, just to make sure his illness never comes back. I believe that without the Riordan Clinic, he would have had another bone marrow transplant and who knows what would have happened then. I also sent a friend, who also happens to have aplastic anemia, to Dr. Ron and so far, she hasn’t had to have a bone marrow transplant and is doing well.”
—Virginia, July 2013 (spouse of patient)

“Hello Doctors! Well, we brought our little Connor to see you on April 1st. He has increasingly gotten better. He started walking on his feet (instead of his heels) last week. We were just on a walk and I said to him, “So, Connor, you are on your feet, are your legs feeling better?” His response, “Yes! They are. All things are feeling better. I actually feel like a normal kid.” We thanked God and now we want to thank you! With so much Gratitude, KG”
—sent to Dr. Ron and Dr. Anne, June 2013