Patient Profile: Autism

Patient Profile: Child Disorders-Autism

by Chris Brannon, RN

For most people, verbal communication and social interaction are tools used in their everyday lives. If you were not able to be effective with these abilities, what would you do? How would you communicate? Autism is a diagnosis that incorporates these challenges.

During an initial patient visit in 2012, a parent brought her child to the Riordan Clinic for another opinion for a previously prescribed treatment. Utilizing a physical exam and evaluation of labs and past treatments, a plan was devised. The patient was started on glutathione, methyl b12, zinc, and was scheduled for specialized chiropractic care. Within the course of 2 months the patient returned to the clinic with reports of improved behavior, compliance, sleeping patterns, and OCD being non-prevalent.

With the help of these supplements the body was able to detoxify the liver (toxicity is thought to be a cause of autism) and start this patient on the road to improvement. The parents were astonished with the child’s new ability of saying the mother’s name! What an incredible success story.

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