Patient Profile: Gluten Intolerance

by Chris Brannon, RN

Are people with gluten intolerance looking for an excuse for strict food habits, or are they just picky eaters? Probably not. Gluten is a protein complex found mostly in wheat, barley, and ryes, and causes a multitude of unwelcome health symptoms for a growing number of people.

As an example, a 31-year-old woman visited the Riordan Clinic after dealing with multiple gastrointestinal problems (bloating, gas, pains, etc.). She constantly felt inflamed and puffy throughout her body. After visiting with a clinic physician, she made the decision to switch to a gluten free diet. Within a matter of days these symptoms were starting to resolve.

She found that with the new structure of her diet and better management of her health, she was able to regain the ability to live young. Not only were these problems coming to a halt, she noticed she had more energy than before. As in this case and in others time and again, we have found that getting to the root of the problem can produce beneficial health outcomes.

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