Bio-Center Lab May Special

Wheat belly or just plain fat? As Dr. Hunninghake has stated, the medical explanation for our epidemic of obesity is the development of insulin resistance, and this occurs when we eat too many carbohydrates, repeatedly, whether in the form of sugar or wheat. The initial result of this over consumption is a persistent elevation of our average blood glucose, which can be accurately measured by the test known as hemoglobin A1c.

To maintain homeostasis (stable physiology), we increase our production of insulin, which enables us to normalize the blood glucose not used in energy production by conversion to fat. Eventually, the persistent demands of excess insulin result in insulin resistance or exhaustion, which can be detected by the fasting insulin test.

A new test now coming into use is serum leptin. Leptin is a hormone produced by our fat cells. It is responsible for controlling appetite, fat storage and for telling the liver what to do with its stored glucose.

Hemoglobin A1c test $80
Fasting insulin test $104
Serum leptin test $144

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