Hypothyroidism: One Family’s Concern

Hypothyroidism: One Family’s Concern
by Victoria Hamm, CMA
Our genes play a significant role in the diseases we may one day develop. By living a healthy lifestyle, we can hope to lessen our chances of suffering from the diseases that have been passed down to us.
Recently, a very young patient visited the Riordan Clinic presenting some concerning symptoms. After an appointment with one of our doctors, she was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. The diagnosis was not surprising as her mother and two sisters have a thyroid disorder as well. She visited the Riordan Clinic in hopes to maintain her thyroid and increase its function.
Hypothyroidism can cause many different symptoms, such as exhaustion, weakness or depression, as well as dry skin, brittle nails, hair loss, anxiety, migraines, and even cold hands and feet. Having your thyroid tested (with lab work) can tell you if you have a decreased or an increased thyroid, so you can start a treatment plan.
While reviewing her results, her doctor noticed that she was also low in vitamin D and iron. Being low in iron can also cause symptoms such as hair loss, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, and decreased attention. She now has started supplemental iron and vitamin D as well as thyroid medication. With supplementation her symptoms decreased and she has noticed increased energy. With continuous daily improvements, due to correcting her deficiencies, she has now adjusted her lifestyle from her genetics.
It is important to know and understand your family history of disease so that you might prevent the same symptoms by making lifestyle changes to stay healthy.
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