Natural Arthritis Relief

Natural Arthritis Relief
by Laurie S. Donnell, Holsitic Health Practitioner and Master Herbalist

There are numerous herbs being utilized to address and relieve arthritis pain. After extensive research on the subject of natural arthritis remedies, the following arthritis formula was developed with the intention of pain relief and increased circulation to the affected areas. Below is a recipe to make your own Arthritis Balm and the specific healing action of each herb.

Cayenne pepper used externally is a rubefacient for lumbago as well as rheumatic pains and increases local circulation in the affected area. This pungent herb contains Capsicum. When applied topically, it helps relieve pain by depleting local supplies of a neurotransmitter, “substance P,” a pain transmitter from the nerves in the skin to the spinal cord. This herb is helpful in pain relief in arthritis, making this a prime ingredient and very useful in addressing arthritic pain symptoms.

Rosemary oil applied externally helps ease muscle pain, sciatica, and neuralgia. It acts as a follicle stimulant and improves scalp circulation. It is an antidepressant, antimicrobial, rubefacient, and may lessen migraine pain. Useful as scalp and massage oil, as an ingredient in other formulas and even in cooking!

Ginger is a pungent herb that has an anti-inflammatory effect on rheumatoid arthritis. Externally, it is the base of treatments for muscle sprains and fibrositis. It is also a stimulator of peripheral circulation and helps to preserve food.

Lavender oil is an essential oil used in small amounts as an anti-inflammatory for the treatment of rheumatic complaints. It is a relaxing nervine, antidepressant, and promotes natural sleep. Lemon oil is an essential oil used to reduce anxiety, depression and increase concentration and memory power. I used this to enhance the aroma of the balm and assist in a “winding down” to ease into sleep.

Solid vegetable oil is a sterile medium that hardens at room temperature excellent for salve preparations.

Beeswax’s fine texture, nice aroma, and golden hue make it an excellent thickening ingredient for salves.

Formula for Arthritis Balm:
3 Parts Ginger (dried/ground)
3 Parts Cayenne (dried/ground)
6 Parts Solid Vegetable Oil
200 drops Lavender Oil
100 drops Lemon Oil
4 Parts Rosemary Oil *
2 Parts Beeswax
*(1 Part = 1 TBS in this formula)

Process: To make a salve from dried ground herbs with an aromatic volatile oil finish:
In a double boiler, melt the vegetable oil to begin the infusion process.
Add the dry herbs and simmer, covered 3–6 hrs with a 140-degree maximum temperature. Stir
occasionally. Strain into a glass bowl, press until the oil is expressed completely; discard the marc.
Stir in the rosemary oil, lavender oil, and lemon oil, then shave beeswax over the double boiler
until it reaches your desired firmness. Remove from double boiler and quickly stir them into the
balm, as the essential oils evaporate rapidly. Pour into an amber glass and store in a cool place.

Application: The Arthritis Balm is to be applied nightly to the hands or any arthritic area with a
10-minute massage followed by hot damp cloth cover. For external use only.
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