February Patient Profile

Patient Profile
by Nichole Kunkel, RN, BSN
It is often said that once you have a diagnosis, there is nothing you can do for it except suffer with it the rest of your life. Arthritis often falls into this category; however, it can easily be managed. Even if you have suffered from arthritis for years, hope can be found at the Riordan Clinic.
Upon her initial visit to the clinic, at 69 years of age, arthritis was one of the priority health treatments sought by one of our patients. After living with increasing pain and receiving little help and no improvement from western medicine, our doctors quickly became the answer to her problem.
A simple supplement regimen that decreases histamines and inflammation, as well as boosting the immune system, is not only key to decreasing inflammation and pain but can prevent arthritis from causing more damage. Vitamin C, glucosamine and MSM are recommended for treating and preventing further damage of arthritis. Hyaluronic acid also helps prevent arthritis from causing further damage and deterioration. Blood testing is encouraged to monitor inflammation within the body as well.
Within a week of her initial visit, the patient stated feeling more movement in her joints, sleeping through the night with little to no hip pain and feeling like she could perform more physical activities, such as lifting heavy boxes, like she could 15 years prior to her diagnosis. She continues to manage her arthritis and live life young. Sometimes the simplest adjustments can improve your life in more ways than initially anticipated.
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