2012 Health Is… CONTEST

For a 3rd year, we are pleased to announce a wonderful opportunity for the students and teachers in your school. The Riordan Clinic is offering a special contest that will add interest and enthusiasm to the semester, and at the same time, foster beneficial learning in relation to health.  The Health Is…contest is open to any 5th grade student in Wichita and surrounding areas.  We would like students to write an essay communicating what health means to them.  Three levels of awards will be given to the winning students and their teacher.

The prizes will be:

1st prize – $500 check each for the winning student and his/her supervising teacher, plus the winning essay will be published in a Spring 2013 edition of the Riordan Clinic’s Health Hunters Newsletter (readership of 6400).

2nd prize – $250 check each for the winning student and his/her supervising teacher

3rd prize – $100 check each for the winning student and his/her supervising teacher

The contest is easy.  There is no entry fee.   Student written essays may be submitted by email or postal mail.  All entries must be returned with the attached form that includes student’s name, teacher’s name, school, and contact information.    Entries may be submitted handwritten or typed and should be at least 200 words in length.

The timeline for the Health Is… contest is:

November 28                              – Health Is… contest announced

December 3 – January 18        – In-school competition

January 18                                  – Deadline for entries; all entries must be emailed or   postmarked by this date

February 22                                – Winners announced

The criteria the judges will use include:



Motivational impact (Is the content persuasive?)

Emphasis on health (not disease)

The first Health Is….contest was introduced as a part of the Clinic’s 25th Anniversary Celebration and continued for several years after.  It was wonderfully successful, with winners sharing thousands of dollars of prizes.  And, of course, all participants benefited from a greater appreciation of what leads to health.  We reintroduced the contest in 2010, and now, in our 37th year, we continue the tradition and our mission of “…stimulating an epidemic of health.”

All participants must fill out the attached document and return it to the Clinic with the student’s entry.  Thank you in advance for your leadership and encouragement to promote enhanced health awareness in your school.