A Letter of Appreciation from Dr. Ron Hunninghake

Dear Health Hunter Readers,

Many of you sent your kind sympathies and condolences for the recent passing of my father, Elmer Hunninghake.  I am so grateful for all the immeasurable kindness, expressed concern, prayers, flowers, plants, cards, and memorial gifts given in his name.  Your love will not be soon forgotten as I and my mother and our family process through this deep loss.

Dad was 90, well loved in the small town of Seneca, Kansas.  He lived his last three years with multiple myeloma, pain-free in part due to the intravenous vitamin C supplied by Riordan Clinic over the last seven months or so of his life as one of our valued patients. (A special thank you to the nursing home nurses who willingly learned to give IVC according to the Riordan Protocol.)

Though Dad’s sojourn in this world has ended, I and many will carry his love and his smile in our hearts.  Know that much of what I learned about careful listening and quality care of my patients…I learned from Dad while working under his supervision for 12 years at the family gas station.  Dad took care of people first, cars second.

A Deep Thank you!

Dr. Ron