Patient Profile

Patient Profile

by Nichole, RN, BSN

A healthy baby starts before conception. Many doctors will tell you that any woman in her child bearing age should be taking a prenatal vitamin every day. This helps build up the nutrients needed to conceive and develop a healthy baby. After experiencing a miscarriage myself, I knew for my health and the health of a future baby, I needed to take a look at my nutrition over all.

Changing my diet was the first step to a healthy baby. Foods that are eaten effect personal health but also provide nutrients needed to produce a baby, so I decided “Healthy baby, Healthy Food!” I began eating lean meats, little to no boxed products and fresh fruits and vegetables with every meal. I quickly noticed a difference in my body, especially in my skin tone and clarity. I felt better and had more energy throughout the day.


During my first trimester of pregnancy, I experienced nausea as most women do. This realization reminded me that in order to keep up my nutrients I needed to keep eating healthily. I was able to control my nausea and sickness by taking the doctor-recommended amounts of Vitamin B6 and ginger root capsules. These supplements were my saving grace because car rides affected me as well. Anytime I felt a little odd, I took these supplements and the nausea/sickness would subside.

Vitamin C has many advantages within the body. Did you know that vitamin C helps produce collagen which can aid in preventing stretch marks? It helps with regulating clotting factors which can help throughout pregnancy and can help prevent post-partum hemorrhaging. For a lot of woman, anemia (iron deficiency) plays a big role in fatigue during pregnancy. Iron requires vitamin C for absorption. Prenatal vitamins can “stop you up” and vitamin C helps keep everything moving. Almost all of our patients take vitamin C to help boost their immune system. By taking a minimum of 3 grams of vitamin C daily, I did not get sick once during my pregnancy, never developed anemia and my gut remained normal. IV vitamin C can also be given during pregnancy to boost levels.

After going through an almost perfect labor and delivery with an exceptional accelerated recovery, my nutrition played an even bigger role while breast feeding. My child was born during the fall, which is peak cold and flu season.  It was extremely important to continue to supplement nutrients to keep myself and my baby functioning optimally. Per recommendation from my Riordan Clinic doctor, I started infant poly vitamin drops and vitamin D drops.

Almost 5 months passed free and clear from the cold and flu. Then at the end of January my son developed respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Between breathing treatments and an increase in supplements with the addition of zinc, my 4 month old infant made a very quick recovery. It was very fortunate because most infants are put in the hospital when they contract RSV. Since then, it has been smooth sailing with our health. I am very fortunate to have the Riordan Clinic by my side and in my life. With all of the doctor’s help, my now growing family is healthy and happy.