Vitamin Special

Vitamin Special

15% off of Thyroid Supporters

Iodoral 12.5mg -Reg. 26.20 SALE 22.27

A tablet that contains iodine and iodide, Iodoral is absorbed into the bloodstream and works quickly to promote healthy thyroid function, support a balanced mood, assist in regulation of healthy blood pressure, and support healthy breasts, ovaries, uterus and prostate. It is also know to boost immune function, help normalize metabolism, increase energy and lessen fatigue, and optimize iodine levels if you have a deficiency.

Catemine (l-Tyrosine) – Reg. 40.32 SALE 34.27

Catemine combines the amino acids l-Tyrosine and the active form of vitamin B6 to replenish norepinephrine, which can be depleted by stress, overwork and certain drugs, in the brain. In essence, it is designed to naturally enhance one’s mood, along with a balanced diet. It is also the precursor to two thyroid hormones.

Selenium – Reg. 20.90 SALE 17.77

Selenium is a trace mineral and it is essential to good health; however, it is required only in small amounts. Selenium is integrated into proteins to make selenoproteins. These important antioxidant enzymes help prevent cellular damage from free radicals, the natural by-products of oxygen metabolism that contribute to the development of chronic illness. Selenoproteins also help regulate thyroid function and play a role in the immune system.

New Zealand Bovine Thyroid – Reg. 28.35 SALE 24.10 

Bovine Thyroid is available in various forms, from powder to tablet. By assisting the thyroid, Bovine Thyroid promotes thyroid health and functioning, plus healthy energy levels, thus allowing the thyroid to function properly and sustain the normal metabolic rate of the body.

UltraLean Appetite Control – Reg. 35.70 SALE 30.35

UltraLean contains nutrients, herbs, and neurotransmitter precursors that support insulin action, glucose homeostasis, healthy body composition, and appetite control. Not only does it increase energy and enhance mood,  it also balances hunger and supports healthy metabolizing of food and nutrients.