Know Your Nutrients: Organic Chocolate

Did you know that chocolate is a healthy super food and that it is full of antioxidants? Not only does chocolate benefit your heart, it also helps to increase alertness and to improve mood—all with very little caffeine. However, not all chocolate is created equal, and to actually get the health benefits, you have to choose the right chocolate. This means your chocolate should be pure, 100% organically grown, and minimally processed.

Chocolate is Rich in Nutrients
Many people do not know that in its natural state, chocolate is overflowing with antioxidants to fight free radicals. Chocolate contains more antioxidants than fruit, vegetables, tea or wine. Chocolate provides micronutrients, like zinc, magnesium, potassium and iron.

DARK Chocolate Can Lower Blood Pressure
Another perk for those who love to indulge in chocolate is that it aids in relaxation of blood vessels, so blood can travel where it needs to. However, this pertains only to dark chocolate, not white chocolate.

Chocolate Provides Heart Protection
Several research studies have indicated that flavonol-rich cocoa and chocolate has an effect on promoting healthy blood flow that is similar to the effect aspirin has. It reduces the blood’s ability to clot and reduces the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Dark Chocolate & Its Antioxidants
A study done by Cornell University food scientists showed that cocoa has almost twice the antioxidants of red wine and up to three times the levels found in green tea. Antioxidants inhibit oxidation (chemical reactions that involve oxygen and peroxides) and help protect the body from the effects of free radicals.

Note: Raw, organic cocoa and chocolate only offer the health benefits listed above because normal processing of chocolate reduces flavanoids.