Patient Profile

Fat GuyIn March of 2011, a patient came to us seeking alternative treatment options due to his inability to lose weight with therapies that had worked for him in the past.

He heard about our physician-supervised, HCG Rx+ weight loss program and began to research the advantages. While being hesitant to forgo a diet using female hormones, he felt as though he needed to make a lifestyle change that would teach healthy organic eating habits and would be sustainable. The HCG Rx+ program was just what he was looking for.

Before starting the program, this patient was at the greatest weight of his life (308 pounds). His weight took a heavy toll on his emotional well-being. He was constantly scoping out chairs where ever he would go, wondering which chair he would fit in and whether or not it would even be able to hold him. While speaking to people, whether it was an individual or a large crowd, he was concerned that he was not being heard or that he was being stared at due to his weight.

After successfully completing two HCG sessions, the patient is currently down to 242 pounds and has maintained his weight with minimal and controllable fluctuations over the past 6 months while being out of the program. He no longer has to take his cholesterol medication, blood pressure medication, oral blood sugar regulators, heart burn medication or even testosterone. He stated, “This [program] has completely changed the way I eat, which is what I wanted and needed in my life. The things I used to crave and eat no longer sound good and even make me feel ill if I do eat them. This [program] has made me a new man! I am much more confident in myself and I don’t have to think about or worry about the little things that bothered me when I was almost 70 pounds heavier. My health has dramatically improved and my sex life has improved and that is great for me being that I’m in my 50’s.” Being one of his nurses and watching his improvements is gratifying. This patient truly looks 20 years younger simply as a result of his weight loss.

What a remarkable and encouraging success story from a man who has many people that see him as a role model and for many men and women that may be thinking about going through our HCG Rx+ program.

This patient is a great example of the weight loss success that awaits you with the Riordan Clinic HCG Rx+ weight loss program. Visit our HCG Rx+ page for additional information. If you are ready to improve your health and well-being, call 316-682-3100 to get started today!