HCG Rx + Success…

In June 2011, a concerned family visited the Riordan Clinic with the hope of gathering information on how they could do the HCG Rx+ weight loss program as a family.

The couple was concerned about their own future health as well as the health of their teenager. Over the last few years, they had seen the pounds slowly creep up on their scales, and they noticed a difference in their teenage child’s weight as well.

Because of their concern, they went online and educated themselves about the Riordan Clinic’s HCG Rx+ weight loss program. They made the decision that this was a program that they, as a family, could complete successfully. As the first day of starting the program approached, they became excited about doing this great service to themselves and to their child. They purchased all the necessary foods such as fish, chicken, and lots of vegetables, fruits, and water. They even went to health food stores and gathered Stevia, organic vegetables, and products that contained no oil for their everyday use. They were well prepared to start their weight loss journey.

Every day they cheered each other on their way to reach their goals. With the help of each other, they found encouragement and positive behaviors. They ate the same foods, drank the same drinks, and experimented with several HCG-approved recipes, finding they tasted good. They would go to the fitness center and work out often, sometimes every day during the week.

Each week, they came to the Riordan Clinic to evaluate their body composition. With every outcome, they were constantly supportive. Sometimes the reports were hard and they understood that this happens with weight loss, but the nurse educator would modify their daily food intake as needed. Inevitably, the next week, the results would be favorable.

In the first week, they lost a total of 32 pounds. The following week it was 18 pounds, and the week after that had a 23 pound loss. This weight loss continued throughout their entire program.

Each time the family saw the nurse educator and received a body composition report, they knew exactly what was happening with their bodies. Through discussion with the nurse educator and review of their HCG Rx+ Journals, they knew what they needed to do to modify their daily menu for a greater weight loss. Through this entire weight loss program, they learned how their bodies responded to food, what they needed to eat regularly to keep their bodies healthy and to maintain their weight.

At the end of their weight loss journey, this family had lost a total of 113 pounds. The father lost 42 pounds, the mother had lost 32 pounds, and the child had lost 39 pounds!

These patients are a great example of the weight loss success that awaits you with the Riordan Clinic HCG Rx+ weight loss program. Go to our HCG RX+ page for additional information. If you are ready to improve your health and well-being, call 316- 682-3100 to get started today!