HCG Success…

Since introducing the hCG weight-loss program in January, Riordan Clinic participants have lost over 2,400 pounds! Here is one success story:

HCG Weight LossOn April 8, 2011, a patient made the commitment to do the Riordan Clinic hCG weight-loss program. She had researched the hCG program through our website, which gave her the information she was looking for and convinced her that this was the weight-loss program for her. She had known since the birth of her son that she really wanted to lose the “baby weight” she had gained during her pregnancy. Her son was now 3 years old, and she still was having a difficult time losing the pounds and getting back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

During the first week of the program she decided to receive vitamin C IV therapy which helped with her detox symptoms (headaches, no energy). She felt it even helped her sleep better that night.

Throughout the program her focus was constant. She prepared her food ahead of time. By cooking her meat in the right proportions and freezing it, having cut vegetables available in the refrigerator, and having plenty of bottled water available at any time, she felt prepared to succeed.

At the end of the first two weeks, the patient had lost 6.5 pounds. This realization motivated her to stay focused and she continued the rest of the program with even more determination. By the end of her weight-loss program, she had lost a total of 26.2 pounds. As she finished her program with such great success, she decided a second program was needed to allow her to reach her goal weight more quickly.

She found that her second round of the hCG program was easier to do because of the knowledge she had gained during her first round. She now knew what worked best for her body and how her body was going to respond.

Through both programs, the nurse educator helped her to remain focused. She continued to eat good protein, fruits, and vegetables, as well as drink plenty of water to replenish her body.

At the end of her programs, the patient lost a total of 39.4 pounds. SUCCESS! When asked how she felt about reaching her goal, she stated she felt like her previous self. She was proud of her body and proud of herself. She expressed that she had more confidence which enhanced her self-image. Along with the weight loss, the patient learned how her body responded to food, what it liked and what it didn’t like. She also learned how important it is to remain in control of her portion sizes. She continued her water intake of 64 ounces a day knowing that her body operated better when hydrated.

The patient continues to attend our support group at 5:30 on Tuesday nights, and she states it really helps her to realize what she has accomplished. Because of her successful experience with the Riordan Clinic’s HCG Rx+ Program, she wants to help others by sharing her own experiences.

This patient is a great example of the weight loss success that awaits you with the Riordan Clinic HCG RX+ Program. Go to our HCG Rx+ page for additional information. If you are ready to improve your health and well-being, call 316-682-3100 to get started today!