Bio-Center Laboratory at the Riordan Clinic

LaboratoryDid you know that the Clinic houses its very own laboratory? Since 1975, the Bio-Center Laboratory at the Riordan Clinic specializes in blood-based vitamin and nutrient testing. The function of our government-certified lab is two-fold: to provide Riordan Clinic patients with accurate, timely, state-of-the-art analysis, and to provide diagnostic services for doctors, clinics, and hospitals around the world.

As a medical professional, you may ask, “Why should I use the Bio-Center Laboratory?”

  • Quality Control: Samples are processed at the Bio-Center Lab which offers a high degree of quality control.
  • Faster Turnaround: Because of the on-site lab, samples are processed and results returned expediently.
  • Certified: We are a CLIA certified reference laboratory. External certifications provide for exceptional reporting accuracy.
  • Unique Tests: Bio-Center Lab performs unique tests on blood and urine that other laboratories do not perform: blood histamine, urine pyrroles, and plasma vitamin C by HPLC. This offers doctors a unique insight into helping identify patient needs.
  • Experience: Our Lab personnel have more than 100 years of laboratory experience.

For more information on the Bio-Center Laboratory and its services or to see sample test results, visit our laboratory page.